Thursday, May 31, 2007


I'm annoyed, so venting for me. I have a neighbor, she is a flake. I guess I like her, but not very much. She's an alright person, but is much more hassle than the whole relationship is worth.

About 10 days or so ago, she called me. "Hey, I have a favor." This is basically how every conversation starts with her. If she's calling, she needs something. Usually it's getting her kids off the bus and to my house, because one of them forgot their key.. again. So I have to bratsit until she gets home from work. Or, her son is sick and he needs to stay here so she doesn't get in trouble at work for missing more days. Yes, at the time there was a husband. Take her son to baseball practice. Two parents, two cars.. and I'm still carting their idiot brat son around. And he's a tyrant. The only kid in the world I actually don't like. And she's forever telling me her son and mine are best friends. Er, no they're not. But you wouldn't know that since basically you shove your 3 kids out the door every morning and hope that they'll just not come back until dark. One of the daughters actually told GirlNextDoor one day that she wasn't allowed to go home yet. Her daughter's are OK, I don't mind them. But the boy is a complete disrespectful brat. Not that mine is a treat, but if I catch him doing something wrong I will smack him down. Or smack him down later. Her son, if she didn't see it happen, then she will say, "Well, it's too late to say something now.. he won't understand." What is he, a dog?? If a friend of mine tells me that Monkey climbed onto her son's back and clawed at him until he fell onto the ground, then basically beat him to take the baseball... I would most definitely deal with the situation. Even if it was a week later!

Anyway, so she called me and asked if I could pick up her Aunt at the airport. Suuure. Whatever. Never met her, didn't know who to look for. But, Monkey and I worked it out and brought her back to neighbor's house. So today she called me 3 times. I wasn't at my desk, but noticed she called when I came back. Ugh. I waited about 20 minutes then called. I knew it wasn't to take her son to Baseball, he's out of town until Monday.
"Hey, what's up? Everything OK? I noticed you called."
"Yeah, well, I took care of it. I don't need you now." ..sort of giggle..
"Oh, sorry, what did you need?"
"Well, no thanks to youuuu. I made other plans. It's OK."
"Oh, well I wasn't here when you called. Anything bad?"
"No, my Aunt needed a ride to the airport."
"Yeah, she needed to be there by 5:45"
"Oh. Well, but you know I have baseball? And I have to be there at 5:00"
"I thought you could take her before the game."
"Then she would be really early, because I have to be there just after 5:00"
"It still wouldn't have been as early as 3:30 which is when I would have had to drop her off."
Annoyed that she waited until 4:00 to even call me with this favor. And wondering why her Aunt was still in the background talking to her, and it was now 5:00
"Well, sorry I couldn't help. Tell her to have a safe flight."
"OK. Thanks!"

And I'm just annoyed. She never invites me to do anything with her, ever. Unless it's to some stupid party she's having at her house where she guilts me into buying something so she can qualify for some stupid host gift of some sort or another. I'd rather people just ask me for $20 than try to sell me over-priced make-up I'll never use, or candles which cause my husband to bitch that he hates the smell. And at the baseball games she is constantly giggling on her cell talking to someone or another, why can't THEY pick up her freakin' Aunt?

And don't get me started on the fact that she's going through a divorce right now. She decided to divorce her husband basically because life is too short? She actually called one day all happy that she had received two proposals.. kinda. One being her speech coach from Arkansas.. now married. He told her that he wished he would have 'pursued' her when he had the chance, but that he would leave his wife. And some ex-boyfriend from Arkansas. Also married now. Why was she even speaking to them??? I remember when they first moved in, she was always asking MrNV to come up and help her do something-or-other. She'd call, "Is he there? I need some help" blah bla. He would laugh because she was pouring on the Southern charm and ditsy woman act. Eventually he started being busy.. because we thought at first she was a single mother and he felt bad that she was raising 3 kids alone. Until one day... LOW AND BEHOLD.. we discovered there WAS a husband. Too busy playing on his computer to help out. Not a total loser, but just not motivated around the house.

Anyway, I ramble. I'm just pissed and wanted to add it to my 'journal' for future reflection when I forget why she's a user :) It's time I not only stop answering the phone.. but stop returning calls! Because I'm sick of "I have a favor" friends that don't want anything to do with me otherwise.

Maybe I need to shower.


I caught the end of the Scripps National Spelling Bee tonight. Fun fun. It was down to the last 5 kids, and I attempted to be sm-rt. Gah!

Laquear - got it
Rognon - missed it I said runion :) Ahahah! Idiot! The kid that got it (Canadian.. you guys!) didn't even ask for the definition or language of origin. Smart little monkey :) Although it sounded French, so he had that in his favor :)
Aniseikonia - Latin / some visual disorder / I spelled it Anipsychonia cuz I'm retahhhded :) He missed it, I don't feel so bad? Tough word!
Oberek - a Polish folk dance / Polish / I spelled it Oberak I suck, he also missed.
Cyanophycean - a blue green algae / Greek elements / I tried cyanofision. After asking about 1,000,000 questions (CHEATER!!) she BARELY missed it. That was painful.
Zoilus - one given to unjust quickly / Greek / Zoaulus I SUCK - and he got it!!
Vituline - of, relating to or like a calf or veal / Latin /I tried - vituline - I got it!! OK, it really wasn't THAT hard. / HE got it too!
Pappardelle -A wide ribbon like pasta / Italian I lost again with Pahpardelle - he got it, I suck!
Videlicet - That is to say namely / I sucked with Vedelicette / and he GOT it!
Yosenabe - Japanese / Soup consisting of seafood and vegetables / I tried Yosanabae and I lose, he got it right :)
Coryza - A disease of some kind / Greek / I didn't get a chance before he started, and he missed it.
Serrefine - A small forceps for clamping a blood vessel / I didn't get a chance to spell it before they put it on the screen / kid got it right so he is the winnnnnerrrr :)
Evan O'Dorney
2007 Scripps National Spelling Bee
I hate when I confirm how not-smart I am :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My office window today :)

We had rain most of the day, and the little beasties were out and about diggin' up some grub. I caught a groundhog, a male and female cardinal and a squirrel. And our sad little veggie garden is sproutin' some tomatoes :) And I can see all of this fun stuff while sittin' on my arse looking out my office window. I do so love the zoom lens :) I called my sister and told her I used my camera to zoom in on my tomato plants and that there are indeed tomatoes! She thinks I'm an idiot. She may be right? Maybe with my surveillance cameras and zoom cameras.. I really am turning into Howard Hughes? Well, without the urine jars and all the money :)

Second look...

In glancing over this photo, I thought maybe Celine Dion had a daughter. I don't mind long hair on kids, but seriously, why? Isn't that more of a statement you make when you grow up and develop your own personality and such? Even the cut of the shirt looks more like something a girl might wear. And his hair is all curled looking. I don't know, it just seems odd. Maybe there is a little crazy going on in her head that she feels the need to make her son look like this. Or perhaps it's her husband, since he's bald? Maybe he's going to have his son grow out all of this hair, then have it transplanted? Or maybe Celine has her extensions made from her son's hair? Yes. That's it.

Don't get me wrong, Monkey wants a Mohawk. And I might let him get one eventually. We did the faux-hawk thing, but I just can't manage to style it properly. And if he wanted longer hair, I wouldn't mind. But this is seriously girl hair. Right??!!

...yawn... stretch... g'night...

While sleeping in the shower this morning;
Brain: Hey, hands, we need shampoo now.
Hands: K
Brain: Hey? Stupids?
Hands: Yeah?
Brain: What did I just ask for?
Hands: Shampoo
Brain: And where does that go?
Hands: .. pondering why Brain would ask such a silly question ..
Face: Hey? WTF?

Then, after sort of finally waking up and working out the shower issues.. I took Monkey to school. It was his last day... so there was a partay to prepare for. Once he returned home and his little monkey friends arrived.. there was a lot of THIS going on in the front yard. And of course, we had bizarre little rain cells rolling by. So, one minute it would be sunny and muggy.. the next minute it was pouring down rain. Which was craptastic, however, the kids loved it. Rain + plastic bouncy house with slide = lightning speeeeeed down the slide!! This photo was actually taken while peering out from under my umbrella. There were still monkeys in the bouncer, so I wanted to stay out and watch them.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get the whole shampoo vs soap thing right!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wow-wee :)

Sometimes when reading DListed I actually find some really cool stories! Not normally, as it's all just bad. But you should read this article about this tigger! WOW! The photos are amazing! I want to go and see him now!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

M is for mothers who sent their children off to war

E is for the everlasting gift of freedom

M is for the mums that decorate the graves of the soldiers

O is for the old men that are veterans

I is for the island off Hawaii where the Japanese bombed Pearl harbor

A is for America, the home of the brave

L is for the land of the free

-Anna, 3rd Grader, Academy Elementary School, Madison, Connecticut

Because SHE did it.

I'm just a big copycat today. It's because I can't think of anything original. It's just so sad. I decided to take THIS test to see how craptastically evil I am... just because SHE did it. And I'm not sure, but I just don't think these results are good? Someone needs to pray for me :)

The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Second Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
Purgatory (Repenting Believers)Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Low
Level 2 (Lustful)Very High
Level 3 (Gluttonous)High
Level 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very Low
Level 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)High
Level 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very Low
Level 7 (Violent)Moderate
Level 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)High
Level 9 - Cocytus (Treacherous)Moderate

Take the Dante's Inferno Hell Test

Sunday, May 27, 2007


Because I'm trying to avoid the kid beating on me, I thought I would quickly do RockDog's thingie. Well, you know what I mean. Wankers.

You can read the details of the rules at his blog, but summary... your name + needs and post the results. Unles the results are $1,000,000.00 it's crap.

  1. "Lorraine needs our love and support." - And your cash
  2. "Lorraine needs more help learning at home." - I've pretty much given that up and accepted that I'm a mental midget. But I appreciate the thought.
  3. "Lorraine needs her noodle." - ahahha
  4. "Lorraine needs your support." - And your love, and your cash. Don't forget!
  5. "Lorraine needs a job desperately." - But I have one! Actually, I was recently offered one and am seriously thinking about it part time. Kick-ass benefits.
  6. "Lorraine needs to post in the instant classic thread." - ?? Whatever.
  7. "Lorraine needs to be taught a lesson." - Bring it!
  8. "Lorraine needs your blessings." - and your love, support and cash.
  9. "Lorraine needs to stay in her own country." - rhude!
  10. "Lorraine needs someone to dance while I throw it down." - But I want to throw it down!!
Oh well. So there you are. Dawg's was much more fun. Now to go and get abused some more by the kid :)

I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend! I have accomplished nada. OK, I did plant my 2 clematis by the mailbox. woo-hoo...

Tornado in Singapore

It blows my mind if you watch the part where it turns the ship. Wow!!!!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Buh-bye birdie..

Well, I guess it's official, Rosie has wussed out and quit The View. That's pathetic, really. If you're going to opine.. don't resign. What's the point? I don't like her, but for her to just scamper off like that is just really showing how weak she is. Not that I'm not a big chicken shit, but if I don't want to rumble.. then I don't run through a bull ring with a red cape. I'm just sayin'. Ach well. Maybe she'll go back to feeding her squirrels and find her happy place again.

You can read the info on DListed, click HERE.

Sorry Joy. Don't cry :) You still have me :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I know, too much bunny :) -Bunnyzilla-

Today Monkey and MrNV were playing in the sand box. I took Hasen out there to check it all out. He's not into the whole 'building' thing :)

Fuhkn' Hugh Grant..

..ring ring...
"Hello?" ... I ask as I notice it is my mom's phone number...
"Are you at that Internets??" ... ugh, never a hello from the step...
"Um, yes? What do you need?"
"What time does 28 Days Later start?"
"Which theater?"
...searching for the obscure theater the old people prefer...
"It's at 1:40. Did you see the first one?"
"First one what?"
"Well, this is a sequel to some other everyone-is-going-to-die movie."
"No, it has Hugh Grant."
"No. It doesn't."
"What is that Hugh Grant movie?"
"I have no idea."
"Where is the Hugh Grant movie? Isn't there a romantic comedy?"
..reading quickly as he rambles on and on about Hugh Grant..
"No, I don't actually see one. Pirates starts..."
"NO! I don't want to see that. I want a romantic comedy!!"
..wondering how it became my fault Hollyweird isn't doing more romantic comedies...
"How about a different theater?"... aka less obscure and more options..
"OK. Where?"
"Well, AMC has more movies." ..reading off the list...
"No! NO! Isn't there a Hugh Grant movie??"
"Wait, there is that $2 theater. Let me check there."
..frantically searching for bookmark because if I hear Hugh Grant again I'm going to scream..
"I found the Hugh Grant movie, it's called 'Music and Lyrics'.. and they have it."
"YES! YES!! That's it!! What time???"
..wondering why I'm getting that tone of 'That's what I said!!' from him..
"OK. Got it Vaaal??" .. as he reads the time to my mother, Valerie. Whom he calls Vaaal, and it makes my skin crawl.


Of course, during this conversation my husband is giggling in the background. The Prez is on TV with a special report, and every time he says General Patreaus my husband breaks out into the Star Wars theme. He's so gay :) I'm sure if he had his way he would send everyone a light sabre and let the war be resolved in Jedi fights.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Cute du Jour

A few photos from Hasenfeffer helping me the other evening. And yes, Dawg, his eye is doing fine. If you had seen the before, you wouldn't have believed it. He seems to see with it just fine, too. So that's great! I figured he would forever have one big buggy eye :)

My Concerns.

I have worries. In typing out my thoughts today, I'm listening to this train wreck 'The View'. Rosie and Elizabeth are getting into it again. Rosie I think is going to cry, pathetic. She attacks everyone, and now she's upset because Elizabeth is standing up to her. I don't know really what they're arguing about, something about Rosie calling our soldiers terrorists.. and Elizabeth didn't say she thought Rosie was misquoted. Or something. But, to my point, I worry because Elizabeth is pregnant. You know this kind of stress isn't beneficial. I worry that she's going to have a miscarriage. It's not that I'm a huge fan of any of them, but I would never wish that on anyone. I hope she goes on early leave or something.

Alicia Silverstone just came out and gave Elizabeth the cold shoulder. No Hollywood hugs.. nothing. ..giggle.. I dunno. Maybe I'd like it if Elizabeth stays and once she's totally hormonal she'll start carrying a machete to work!

HEROES season ends.

I just want to mention that we really love HEROES in this house :) It is seriously the only show we can ever remember to watch. We have fun watching the auditions to American Idol, because Monkey freaks out at all the weirdos. But they tend to lose me after the first few cuts.. and I just listen for updates on the news :) HOWEVER, HEROES is great! Monday night was the season finale, and it was a lot of fun. Our thoughts at the end:

Why didn't Hiro cut off Sylar's head when he was down? Seriously. When will people realize he isn't going to die? And when he crawled into the sewer, did you notice the cockroach on the sewer lid lookin' at you? Yeah, to tell you Sylar is like a cockroach.. and ya can't kill him!

Who is the super scary guy that the little girl hero-finder is afraid of? She's even more afraid of him than Sylar. New groovy character coming..

I'm thinking Nathan tossed Peter into the atmosphere just before he blew up, then caught him after? I'd-a thunk he would have blown to bits.. but what do I know. Can you re-generate after being blown to bits??

I'm glad the psycho split-personality girl finally made amends with her crazy side, and can now be a psycho bitch all on her own.

I'm very happy Hiro saved his friend, that was great. I'm curious to see what will come of him now visiting the Samurai warriors. Maybe it's time for him to learn his skillzzz :)

That's about all I can think of for now. But, it really is a fun fun show. So different than anything else. I don't know why people keep comparing it to LOST. I don't see any similarities.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


This is what we nerds do for fun on a Monday night after watching HEROES! Oh.. sigh.. can't believe tonight was the last episode for the season.

YouTube OD

OK, this is too cute. I love the bunny that stops and removes the bar and goes through. My kinda bunny :)


I was browsing to see if there were other lionhead bunny videos on youtube. I'm sorry, but this really is very funny. Um, but not suited for the kiddies ;) AHaha!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Fun Monday

If Joy didn't do fun things, then I think my blogging world would become dull :) She has a post today where you have to write a poem, and illustrate it. Whellll. I will use any excuse to post my old doodle. I drew a flower one day while doodling, then colored it. I wrote a poem around it, and by the end it had become very DARK. But it makes me laugh whenever I read it. So I'll just post this. Then for the next one I guess I'll have to come up with something new :)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bart has been kidnapped!

We went to see Spiderman III this evening. Meh. We watched Casino Royale lastnight, and we were so impressed with the ACTION. I loved the beginning. What a bad-ass Bond! So to watch Spiderman tonight, I was coming to the realization that I'm getting bored with all of the animation in movies. I get it, it's a SUPER hero.. but still. Maybe I just wasn't in the mood. Although it wasn't that bad.

They had a display in the lobby for the new Simpsons movie coming out. Which we will of course see, because we are bad parents :) But Monkey had fun posing with the display while waiting for MrNV in the lou after the movie. I love going to the last show.. there isn't anyone else there :) However, seems someone had already made off with Bart. He was supposed to be on the far right.. sitting upside down. So naughty :) So, Monkey I guess can be the new Bart.

Oh, and Hasen tried to help me plant some flowers on the patio today. He is one messy bunya.

Friday, May 18, 2007


I pulled up Sugar Frosted Goodness today, and they had a post about this artist Mark Jenkins. It's pretty cool. This is his website. I like the 'street' and 'nature' selections the best. And he creates most of them with clear tape. Fun fun :)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

What is this world coming to?

I enjoy watching a local show every morning, 'Kansas City Live'. They talk about local events, and it's sort of fun. Today they went all drama and included a story on how minivan doors are DDAANNGGERROUUSSSS!! Run for you lives!!!!

Do you remember, if yer old like me, when electric windows came out? And how many times did you stick your fingers in the very top and test how quickly you could get your fingers out before jamming them in there painfully? And you know you weren't always fast enough.. and that actually hurt! And 4 years ago, a strong wind caught the drivers door to my minivan and WHACK.. blood, pain.. lots of crying. Because of the angle of the door, instead of just up/down it actually reached out at the top.. and it broke my nose. I thought it took out my eye to be honest, I was freaking out! I ran back into the little convenience store bleeding all over their counter.. as the poor kid dialed 911 because some crazy woman was bleeding everywhere. They finally calmed me, and peeked... my eye was still in its socket :) So I calmed, and realized I ONLY broke my nose.. and that it was blood which came out of my nose. And when you were a kid, did your parents EVER use a seat belt? Hell no. There were 4 of us climbing all over the car. Hanging toys out the window. I actually used to sleep on that shelf in the back window. OK, but not that I'm knocking seat belts. Monkey is always buckled in!

My point. Everyone is too excited to sue. And the photo in this post just proves my point that instead of thinking, "Hey, look at my son, I better haul ass and help him because that crying-in-horrible-pain face is killing me!!"... she is thinking, "Oh!! Lawsuit!! Let me dig for my cell phone so I can turn on the camera and get a shot of this..." WHO DOES THIS?? You can read the rest of the story HERE. But, the point is that she wanted to prove to Honda that the safety features on their sliding door do not work.. and indeed her little boy jammed all 4 fingers in the door and could not get them out. Never mind that an AFTER photo would have clearly reflected the damage to his wandering little fingers.. they were all red and swollen. Nhoooo, we need a live shot of pain and horror.

When did we become so happy to sue? Yes, kids stick their fingers in doors. I did it as a kid, I remember the pain. Did my parents threaten to sue the car manufacturer because their child was not fast enough to get her fingers out of the hinges? Or because they weren't paying attention to make sure her little fingers weren't in there? No. Because life happens. If the doors shut automatically at 100mph.. removing all limbs in the way.. then SURE I would sue them. But have you seen how slowly those doors move? I'm just tired of these people. Take responsibility for your children. Accept the facts that we're going to get hurt. And unless it's a major car flaw, like the accelerator pedal sticks and you go over a cliff... or your brakes don't work.. and you go over a cliff.. then just move on. Because if you keep it up soon they will be building cars with no doors.. you'll have to climb in through the window!!

In thinking on the history of Monkey, we have always had a mini-van. I don't have one with the feature where it closes itself, we have to close it. We have never.. so far.. caught his fingers in it that I remember. We always make a point to make sure he's not dangling fingers in the wrong areas. But I almost think that since that door is so slow in closing, it gives a kid more time to do that stupid test I mentioned before... "I can beat the door.. I'll just leave my fingers here". And they LOSE. Even the lady in the story said it has happened before. It's no accident, the door moves TOO SLOW for it to be a surprise to that kid that his fingers are going to be stuck? No?? C'mon now!

Yes, it's horrible. Yes, I feel bad for the little boy. If it were Monkey, I'd probably cry with him. But would I blame Honda? No. Later we would discuss why you don't stick your fingers in the hinges of the door. Just as I tell him not to touch the hot stove, I don't threaten to sue GE. You don't play with matches, we don't sue the match people. You don't run into traffic, we don't sue the city for the lack of fences. You don't live on a diet of Big Mac's, we don't sue McDonalds. And so on...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Times Square

Holy shyte. What was this baby's momma thinking??

Deep Thoughts

So, is it bad that I'm not in awe of Scarlett Johansson? I did like her when 'Lost in Translation' came out, I thought she was very unique and seemed very sweet. However, I just don't like her anymore. Not sure why. She's starting to look like that woman that married Stallone a long time ago, then was on Surreal Life?? ...thinking... Can't think of her name. I know, she's not at as tall.. but kinda looks like her? But younger. Check back with me in 10 years :)

Maxim put out their list of the 'Hot 100'. I have always thought Jessica Alba was adorable, and she's #2. So I'm OK with that. And while I don't like her, if they're just basing it on looks, then I'm OK with Lindsay Lohan being #1. She really is a beautiful girl, which is sad that she's such a mess. Maybe not #1 beautiful, but whatever. Anyway, HERE is the list if you want to browse the photos. I'm sad that SalmaHayek is so low on the list.. she's beautiful. And it's funny that Ashlee Simpson (#16) is WAY up the list compared to Jessica (#41). Ahaha! I bet Jessica is piiiiised :)

I remember now, Brigitte Nielsen!

Monday, May 14, 2007

12 of 12 Failure

In checking out Joy's blog, it seems there is a '12 of 12' thingy people do with photos and.. I'll let you read the rules. It sounded like fun, and a great excuse to take pictures. But I failed. It was supposed to be done on the 12th, which was Saturday, and I botched it. And I missed some great photo ops, and decided to pass on others. So, since it is my first time, I'll take liberties and just try to do better next time :)

Passed Photo Op #1
9:00 am-ish
When I crawled out of bed, I realized that one of my dogs left a gift by my bedroom door. I'm guessing it was fence-jumping dog. He had run away earlier, and when he does he always returns with the runs. Then the other dog decided to walk through it in the dark. So it took quite a while to clean, but I think I did a great job. I've also noticed that when MrNV is gone.. the dogs like to violate my carpets. I'm starting to get pissed. The only benefit of my allergies would be that the odor didn't wake me up in the middle of the night like last time.

Monkey and I decided to go and grab some lunch, and hit the car wash. A favorite :)

12:30 pm-ish
I always mean to take a photo of this beautiful bush in our neighborhood. It only blooms in the Spring. Is it an azalea? I don't know my flowers, but it's beautiful. It's actually at the end of its bloom here, today it was already dying.

2:00 pm-ish
I also drove by this flower stand on the way home. I always want to stop, but I know I'll spend money I don't need to on flowers I'm only going to kill anyway. But it's beautiful to look at.

2:30 pm-ish
A brief pause and sigh as I notice how quickly the price of gas jumped over $3.00. I think it went up 16 cents over night. Just amazing. I'm glad I don't have a long commute to work every day or I'd be super pissed.

When we arrived home, I noticed how great the grass looked. It was mowed Friday, and just looks great. Everything is just so green now! GREEN!!

#7 and #8

6:00 pm-ish
I'm out of ideas on what to photograph, so 7 and 8 will be of the annoying things in my office. I picked out a new desktop for my monitor. It represents my little family; MrNV on the right, me in the middle and the drooling Monkey on the left. I borrowed it from this website, they have some really fun and funky free desktop art. And the other photo is a painting I bought on eBay a few years ago. I have no idea why, but I just loved it. I haven't properly framed it, just taped it to a frame actually. The glass broke on that frame. I think the idiot-ness of the painting itself requires that it not be properly framed.. but just slapped on the wall :) I dunno. It just pleases me. I love the smile.

8:00 pm-ish
This was the missed opportunity photo. I was on the back deck cleaning Hasen's cage, and letting him get some fresh air. When I finished, I sort of glanced around the yard and looked at the trees. I noticed a large black cluster of something hanging from one of the branches of a nearby pine tree. And when I looked closer, I noticed it was a swarm of honeybees! I was excited, but freaked out at the same time. From what I understand, the honeybee population is starting to dwindle and so just seeing them made me feel sort of excited that they really are still out there. However, the nest was very close to our deck and I could just see this couldn't end well. Just then GirlNextDoor arrived, and she checked it out. She walked up to it, because she's insane. "Well, good thing is they aren't African Killer Bees.. or I'd be dead.." AHAHAH! I thanked her for risking her life to save me :) Since it was getting dark, I figured I would take a picture the next day. However, by the time I went out with the dogs.. they were gone. It turns out they travel around scouting a new place to build with the old Queen Bee.. and they leave a new Queen Bee at the old nest. You can read more here, and see a photo of what we saw. It was very interesting. I love learning new things, I had no idea they did that. And I love the Internet, because I wasn't sure what it all meant.

9:00 pm-ish
Monkey and I went out for a cruise and to get an ice cream. Because it's totally not on my diet. But what can you do? He was goofing around with my glasses. He is Mr. Hollywood :)

And that's it. So I blew it, I'm 2 photos short. But I will do better next month!


Wait! I did take a photo of the salmon Monkey and I had for dinner. It cooked a bit longer than I like, I was on the phone. But it was really good! Monkey loves salmon. So I'm only ONE photo short! YAY!!

7:00 pm-ish
The edges were a bit dry, my sister called and I missed the timer. Wretched woman!

Much sadness.

As a parent, basically my biggest fear is anyone snatching the Monkey. And any time you read about a child being kidnapped, you feel so incredibly sad for the child. I don't lose so much sleep when it's a parent that runs with them, because you hope that at least they're with a mom or dad and they're only trying to anger the other parent... but still love the child. But when strangers are involved, you just know nothing good can come of it. And it reminds me of the time Monkey asked me, "Why don't elves help children that are kidnapped?".. because of me telling him that elves are always watching. God forbid that he would ever be so afraid that he would be hoping that an elf would possibly pop in to check on him.. and help him. It's one of those things that keep me up at night if I ponder too long. "What is that noise? Has someone broken in? Is Monkey calling me??"

Anyway, I ramble. I have been keeping up on the story about the little girl Madeline from England. She was kidnapped while on vacation with her parents in Portugal. Sadly, the police stated they feel she was kidnapped by a child sex ring. How much worse can the parents possibly feel? Today I read that J.K. Rowling, of Harry Potter fame, donated $3 million to the reward fund being collected to find her. That's amazing. I wish I were a billionaire so I could do amazing things like that. However, there are children kidnapped daily and not all of them reach the public eye as Madeline has. I would hire a group of about 100 of the burliest most bad-assed men I could find. And women! And I would finance their travels to go around the world and find these deviant sickos that kidnap children.. and they would just vanish. And I would sleep just fine at night, wouldn't you? And I bet nobody would ever ask questions as to where these people went.. ever. Just finding the children one by one isn't going to solve the problem.

At any rate, good for the celebs like Simon Cowell and others that donated to the cause. (The Story). And I sincerely hope they find little Madeline safe and sound. She's so cute, I bet someone just kidnapped her because they wanted a cute little girl to spoil :) She's prolly eating bon-bons on a private yacht somewhere. I bet that bitch Angelina nabbed her :) You know she's out of control!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!

I hope all of the momma's out there have a wonderful Mother's Day!! Did I ever mention I love vintage photography??!!! This photo is from 1905. It is 'Mrs. Seymour Hicks and Baby Betty'. Cute cute!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

** Tornado Sirens **

I always tease Monkey when we go to the car wash... we like to do the ToRnAdO!! OK, it's not as strong.. but it's fun :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Monkey playing baseball

Compilation of my future playah. I had to laugh the first time he came home, he just HAD to slide into the base. And the video didn't pick it up, but he gave us a 'Yeah.. I know' look. It was funny.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well, Monkey had another game tonight. Of the 4 times they were in the outfield, he was benched twice. I need to just accept that is less time for him to be injured?? He rocked at bat, however. Hit the ball 1st time every time, and scored both times. On his 1st hit, he made it to 1st base, then home on the next hit. On the second hit, he went to 2nd base.. then home on the next hit. He rocks... and rolls :) These are some of the pics I took tonight.

Tsk Tsk Tsk

Well, as of today Chalice is officially out of work. To read more about her JOB and WHY she's looking to find a new one... CLICK HERE. AHAHAHAH! She is SO busted! I guess this isn't such a happy ending after all? Bwahahahhahah! ...giggle... Bwahahhaahah!

A Good Deal??

I received an email today for these memory sticks for my Sony camera. I realize they are a generic version. And they are only 512MB, mine is 1GB. However, there are 4 for $14.99. Which is an amazing deal, no? And since I signed up for a new Google account, whatever that is, I got $10.00 off and free shipping. So, for $4.99 I am getting 4 new 512MB cards for my camera. Or, Monkey's PSP. If I damage mine, then I will have extras. I think it's a great deal??


This is too silly not to watch. So cute! His little footies!!

Thursday Thirteen

I'm not quite sure I fully grasp the whole Thursday Thirteen thing, but I'm following Spot of T and will give it a shot. It seems you can use any topic, and my mind is racing today.

13 Things Which Have Passed Through My Small Brain Today;
  1. Shit, it's already 7:30? I can sleep 10 more minutes.
  2. OMGOD, it's 8:15?!?!?
  3. Why can't I ever find Monkey's socks.
  4. I need to buy more socks for Monkey.
  5. Fuckin' socks.
  6. Why can't the lady at Wendy's ever understand I want Equal for my tea? How do you say Equal in Spanish? Not that I mind she doesn't speak English, but I get tired of holding up the empty Equal packet to get my point across. And when I order Monkey's sausage biscuit, why is it always bacon? Does 'sausage' mean bacon in Spanish? And those 2 tiny slivers of bacon, does that even count as a meat?? Who can live on that?!
  7. Take Spanish lessons and quit being such a bitch.
  8. Why is that bitch honking at the guy in front of us when the light only just turned green? Is she on caffeine overdose? Can I run her off the road and just say it was my meds making me crazy? What a bitch. I'd honk at HER, but then the poor guy would think we were both honking at him. I'll have Monkey give her the bird. Much more effective, and proves that I'm a great parent.
  9. Why is this woman driving so close behind that me I can see her natural root color? The speed limit is 65, I'm doing 70 and I'm passing the car to my right. Where does she want me to go? I'll slow down to piss her off.
  10. Man, she can talk on the phone, drive AND drink her coffee at the same time. Well, not really. But she looks pissed. That's awesome.
  11. Why does Wendy's tea taste like coffee??!
  12. Why is there never any ice in their iced tea?!
  13. Oh, The View is on. I feel bad watching it because I think I'm helping to increase ratings.. giving Rosie power. But if I miss all of the mean things she says, then I'll be angry at myself for having to watch it on YouTube later. How can someone be so angry and nasty? You catch more flies with sugar.. isn't that an expression? She should try it. Holy cow, Marie Osmond has 8 kids? She's co-host.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I have a new habit :)

I'm bad when it comes to seeing a doctor. Last year I was sick for the longest time, and didn't go to the doctor until MrNV dragged me to the hospital. I was running a fever of 104 and it turned out I had pneumonia in my right lung. Pfft. Is that bad? So this year I decided I'd at least hit that little walk-in place at Walgreens. I'd been suffering from congestion long enough, and it's all allergies. And it's horrible, as I get older they get worse it seems. However, I do remember being in school every year with that horrible 'cold' which would make my eyes water constantly and my nose would be swollen. I guess when you're younger you just ignore it. But now that I'm an adult and have to be up and about every day and doing things ... I notice more that I don't feel well! So I got sick of being sick. I went to see the little Walgreens nurse-lady, and she gave me drugs. This was about 2 weeks ago? I had a 6-pack of Azithromycin.. and that rocked. But she also gave me Prednisone.. and I've never taken it before. I started with 6 pills on the very first day.. and then they would decrease over the next 7 days or so. OMIGOD! I am addicted! I have never felt so amazing EVER! I say FELT, because now that the prescription has ended.. my congestion and allergies are back in full bloom. And I'm pissed. I was wheezing all night lastnight, and wanted to cry. While taking the Prednisone, I slept like a baby. I could run up and down the stairs at home, and not even know I had done it! Now I am back to taking deep breaths just to make it! So.. I am now weighing being responsible or not being responsible? I ordered more Prednisone from Mexico.. because I can :) But in reading about it, I guess it's not healthy for me to take it long term. Although people do? I'm just angry. It even cleared up my skin! My skin tends to break out and I have a lotion prescription for it, it's for rosacia. But my skin has been perfect since I started taking it. And some days I don't even want to go outside if I feel my cheeks look to rash-y. Some dumbass always comments, because it tends to break out around my mole. "Have you had that checked? It could be skin cancer? You should really have it checked?".. and I want to crawl back into bed.

So. Anyway. I'm just confessing. I'm addicted to Prednisone. I have ordered more from Mexico and will probably self-medicate. Because I'm irresponsible, but enjoy not feeling the shitastic consequences of allergies. Does this make me a bad person? Oh, but I did also start taking a Fish Oil supplement at the same time, two of the 1200mg pills each day. That could actually be the reason my skin as improved, so I'm considering that as an option. Claratin-D is not helping much at all with the allergies. I take the 24 hour one, and by 6:00 tonight I'll be wheezing again.. but can't take another.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Monday Download

So I have been festering since Saturday. Monkey had his first season baseball game. He sat on the bench the first 2 innings, and then finally got to play outfield for the second 2. I thought maybe he would cycle them per inning, no. Same 3 kids sat. And since last year, the coach has recruited some new team players and has given them the better field positions. And I just get so angry. He's not a bad player at all. He was up to bad 3 times. Hit the ball each time, 1st swing. And scored each time. And he catches the ball when he's out there.. he does just fine. Versus coaches own son who just stands there at 2nd base staring into the sky. Once they knew that we were winning, that's when they let Monkey and the other 2 play. I don't mean to take away from the whole learning thing about competition, but it's freakin' little league! I want him to have fun. Yet of course the other dads are there yelling at their sons. I don't know, I'm almost ready to just pull out. I want to travel this summer, and will be annoyed if we're sticking around town to watch him sitting on the bench so that our team can slaughter other teams 38 to 8. That's just asinine. I don't want to be a part of that kind of team.

I'm very sad for the residents of Greensburg, KS. As much as I love to watch tornadoes, I hate the fact that they are so destructive. I'm just amazed at the damage this one caused. Since MrNV was out of town, we weren't chasing. But we don't chase at night anyway, that's just stupid. I read that they found another survivor lastnight, that's wonderful. But I also read that a police officer and 2 nearby soldiers were caught looting cigarettes and alcohol? I hope they throw the book at them. That's just disgusting to take advantage of a situation like that. We had quite a few storms pass through KC lastnight, so we were a bit nervous. It's no fun waking up to the sound of tornado sirens! We have some flooding in our area now. Monkey and I want to check out the river levels later!

I bought some new blinds for my office with a bit of my Kentucky Derby winnings :) Kind of a brown bamboo. I have these huge ugly white things up now, came with the house. I hate them. They stick out about 5 inches! and the windows have a beautiful wood frame and are large, the white blinds are just hideous. I have hated them forever! So I'm excited to put up the new ones!

I'm sorry, I obviously don't know enough about the French. They're mad that they may have to work more than a 35 hour work week? Are they serious??

I'm still pouting that RockDawg doesn't think I'm one of his 5 favorite blogs. Because my blog is SO fascinating and mind blowing! So I am returning that REALLY cool birthday present I bought him.

AnniE is still on the top of my list of awesome people ;) Monkey took all of his Michigan things to school last Friday for his project. He was very excited about the literature she sent. She worked so hard on it! You're still a Supahhh Starrrr! And we're plotting something nice for you :)

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Mr NV is in Atlantic City, however, this did not stop him from helping me pick a winning horse. During the auction at the party, he was on the phone insisting that Hard Spun was a really good horse and that we should win him. The auction went down the list from position 1, and the #1 horse Sedgefield was only going for $15.00. Can't resist that! So we bought him. But when Hard Spun came around, we ended up paying $135.00 for him. After all of the horses sold, they ended up collecting a pot valued at over $2,000.00! If you watched the race, you will know that Hard Spun got out there and took over from the git go.. and actually hung on!!! I was screaming my lungs out.. GOOOOOOOOOOO!!! And my glue factory candidate Sedgefield was actually hanging on to 3rd place for a while, which was awesome! In the end, Hard Spun came in 2nd and Sedgefield the amazing $15 horse was 5th. And for 2nd place? We won $606!!! OH yeahhhh!!!! and there were $10 bets collected for the winning horse, and I won $89 in that pot! The 1st place owner of Street Sense won $1,200 something. Woo-hah!

The pain of losing :) The most expensive horse sold for $165 and he came in 19th.. Scat Daddy. My brother really wanted him and ran the price up, I'm glad he didn't win it. And someone paid $119 for Cowtown Cat.. and he came in 20th. For that prize they win a trophy with the back end of a horse and a bottle of glue. But THANK YOU to the losers, as you brought the grand total up :) And thank you to GirlNextDoor for being ornery and running those prices up. I owe you a cut, don't I??

Thank you GirlNextDoor for keeping me company :) Sorry I'm so dull :) And thank you Chal and Blu for making a guest appearance! And trying to teach me how to play cards. I'm lame. Next year, however, we ARE going to beat them in the Texas Hold Em' competition! Once I figure out what it is!