Wednesday, April 29, 2009


And playing with the dogger. He goes insane-o for his new bubble machine.


I bought the coolest tea cup flower pot at Wally World this week. I bought one for my mother for Mother's Day.. then had to get myself one also. Because I'm a spoiled child. And a photo of the salmon MrNV missed out on lastnight. Ha Haaaaaaaaa! My son's odd friend. They found the Hannah Montana shirt.. yeesh.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting screwed by Shutterfly

At the end of 2008 I bought a prepaid 10cents per photo card on Shutterfly. I have about 250 prepaid prints, there are 2 specials I purchased. Whatever, they hang onto the credit for a couple years. So I thought it would be cool to print all of the Senior photos I took for my friend's daughter as a gift. However, wallet sizes (there were only about 20 of those) were like 18 cents per page (4 per page) so they wanted to charge me for those. But the prints were 'free'.. since I already had a credit. And including shipping.. then wanted $89! That's basically me paying for only wallet photos and shipping.. regular shipping. WTF?! So I want to Sam's Club online, uploaded all the stuffs... and ordered a total of 333 photos. Cuz I can, so shut up. Included even more wallets... and only paid $47.30. That INCLUDES priority mail shipping, they wouldn't send the large order to the store I had to order them for delivery. But is that insane? Because that total includes all the photos, no credits. How the hell does that even work?! I can't even imagine what the total would have been had there been no credit with Shutterfly, there were about 230 prints I wasn't even being charged for. I got to splurge at Sams', and STILL saved money!

I tell you what. I love Sam's Club more and more every day. I don't care what people say... they save me money and I'm shallow like that :)

Polo ponies.

Holy cow. I hear now that all of those polo ponies that died were not killed intentionally. The pharmacy mixed their supplements incorrectly, and so all of the horses died of internal bleeding. That is so horrid. It's no wonder that my father checks all of his pills every time they are refilled. Too bad he has no idea about what I'm putting in his food... mwaahahahah!

Big jerk.

The lady up the street, who 'didn't have an affair' with her roofer... now has the roofer living with her. And he's a real turd. For example, it's pouring down rain right now. He is standing in front of the house with a big broom and is brushing all the sweet gum balls that are drifting down the current along his driveway. Nevermind that they are now collecting in huge mounds in front of his neighbors house.. and they are an elderly couple. He's such a dick. And nevermind that you can be fined for sweeping them into the drain. I get it, they're a pain in the ass.. but don't push the problem along to your neighbor. That's just rude. I can't say MrNV has never swept any into our drain, but the drain is at the edge of our driveway. He would never sweep them in front of the neighbors house.
And WHAT is it with the guy across the street? He mowed his lawn yesterday, and dumped all the clippings into mounds around his trees. C'mon. I don't mind tree-huggery things, but that seriously looks like shit. Why not just start throwing your trash out there too? I wish everyone was as perfect a neighbor as I am :) Bwaaaaaahaha! I'm going to pay the kids this weekend to bag up sweetgums and we're gonna dump them all in slutty-roofer's driveway! Yeahhhh!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Flippin' door nightmares

So the Mister is having work done on the house. Started with replacing siding and painting. We want to make the house a warmer color, other than the grey tone it is now. I made the mistake of reminding him that we wanted to replace the front door.. when he mentioned doing all the wood out there. Agg. So we have an amazing stained glass window above the front door. It's made of huge chunks of glass, it has to be no less than 6" thick. For some reason the previous owners put a huge piece of glass over it, and nobody notices it now because of the glare. So I have been whining to have the glass cover removed since we moved in. It's all going to be done at the same time. We're adding a more gutsy frame around it. So now it's the door. I don't know what I was thinking when I suggested we replace it. Mister thinks I have skill in photoshop and I've morphed at least 30 doors onto the house. He hates mine, I hate his.. and the ones we agree on.. we hate when we wake up the next day.

So this is a photo of the house today. And you can see how beautiful the window is from the inside, and I really wish all the colors were seen from the outside! And yes, we're having the bricks fixed on the wall so no bitching about that.

We really wanted something very antique and unique looking. We checked out a really amazing store downtown, but for just the single doors they wanted $700-$1000. And they needed work! Then someone sent us to a re-store kind of recycling place. Wow, amazing deals.. but no perfect door.

These are some of the options I eked out. Excuse the missing spiral in this photo, it was taken last Fall after it had died. In some I tried to fake a paint job, or add some trim. Whatever. Any votes out there in blogger land? If you hate them all... ZIP IT!

Piano Recital

Can't get Youtube to link the silly video, so here is Le Monkey banging on the piano.


Dear Journal :)

Had to kick out my brother Saturday night. Turns out he was sneaking in liquor in his Propel bottle. He was stumbling around the kitchen drunk, so out he went to sleep in his car. He left Sunday after sleeping it off. I'm sure he'll show up here again. He was asleep in the grocery store parking lot in our neighborhood lastnight. Yes, my dad paid for rehab 3 times and he also went to a state sponsored rehab. No, there is nothing we can do. He's 50.. when is he going to take responsibility for his own life? Ugh. My neighbors. I can only imagine the crap they're thinking.

Another friend called for money over the weekend. I picked her up and we sat at Sonic and I listened over a burger. Odd how people are broke, yet are putting up new garage doors and just had all of the rooms in their house painted. She only asked for $100, so that's all I gave her. She was crying and frantic on the phone, I have no idea what's going on. Her husband is laid off from Ford, but don't they still make 80% of their income or something? And I went by her house after, she wanted me to see the painted rooms. Her husband was as charming as usual, didn't even look away from his computer to say hello. Blah. Sometimes I wonder how some couples stay married.

On a positive note, Monkey did just fine at his recital Sunday. He was frustrated that the song was easy, so we're going to ask for something more challenging for the next recital. Poor kid :) So his name is now Maestro :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My brother is still staying with us. He randomly looks for jobs, and has been doing odd jobs for my sister. He stayed with her Sunday night.. she can only let him sleep over when her husband isn't around so he doesn't know. Pussy. Of course it's OK for us to take on the burden, and for me to have to deal with MrNV NOT being too happy about it. That's OK to her. So today he's 'tired' because he helped her plant flowers yesterday. It's 2:00, and so I yelled down to see what he was up to. "Watching TV". He's in our work room, it's actually a downstairs living room. Carpeted, even has a fireplace. But we vamped it into a work area with our giant printer and tables. It's nice enough. But you know what? That cable box will be shut off by Friday if fucktard doesn't start looking for 1- a new place to live and 2- a fucking job.

So then there is Todd's brother's widow. She has been laid off. Nice enough, I like her. But we're giving her boyfriend work so that they have money. Money that, at this point, they are working off. "Oh, we're gonna be there tomorrow at 8am".. this I hear all the time. And it's OK, it motivates me to get up early so that I'm ready. But.. here it is 2:00.. no show.

So. Whatever. I'm so fucking tired of moochers I can't stand it. Everyone wants money, but nobody wants to ever do the right thing to earn it. Give me give me give me. Just because I'm not broke and am able to be an at home mom, does NOT mean that I don't still work. MrNV and I do what needs to be done every day. We are still running a tile business, and MrNV has that other 'stuff' he does :) He's on the phone constantly setting up 'things' :) We don't call people asking for favors. Never have I ever asked a friend for money. My dad helped us out a few times when we started our business, I always paid him back. Even MrNV's dad helped now and then, and we paid him back.

I'm just mad. Not making much sense, but I'm just pissed. And I feel like a busy body bitch if I go down and see if he's drinking. But if I don't, then he will and then I'll be pissed for not checking. And it's all just so fucked up. And where else is he supposed to go? I can't just kick him out with a mission to ... go there. Cuz there is no there to go to. He shows up drunk at my house, and everyone just expects me to take him in. And if I don't then .. then what? Nothing really. The last time the cops kept him overnight, he ended up back at my house in a cab. He conned my neighbors out of cab fare, and that is just embarrassing. He showed up and I didn't answer the door. He vanished for a bit, and then the cab left. Turns out he told my neighbors the he AND I were locked out and that he needed $ for the cab and that we would pay him back. I mean.... what do I do? Seriously? He has no job, so where is he going to go? And if he goes to some shelter, he'll just get kicked out and show back up here again. All because my husband's brother died a few years ago and was a drug addict. So he feels guilty that he didn't do enough for him, and half-heartedly feels my stupid brother is his redemption or something. Yet he still gets mad at me because my brother is a drunk and we bicker about it.

Then top it off with my dad. Luckily he likes my dad 80% of the time, and he is staying in his room right now. He's just as depressed that his son is a fuck up.


And then there is my son. What kind of fun is it having the drunk uncle around? That you can't get rid of.

I really did hurl!

I wouldn't bother posting this, but it says I have 666 posts. I need to do something quickly! But lastnight when I went to bed.. I really did hurl! And I never hurl! And I know it's because of Obama's dog. I don't think I have thrown up since MrNV and I ate some bad Mexican food.. and that was before Monkey was born. Amazing. I ate a left-over chicken enchilada my mother made. I just need to stop eating Mexican food. ..sigh..

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Reason 4,998 that I'm a bad parent.

Soooo. Yesterday I went to get my hair did. When I go in I take Alex so he can get a hair cut. When she did my highlights and such, she had mixed too much blond. So while she was doing Monkey's hair she added a couple tiny bits of blond. Bwahaha! You really can't tell, she did it just to torment him. I don't go platinum, so it's a natural color. He thought it was funny. She said there is a boy at the salon, he has been getting highlights since he was 7. Yeesh. Anyway. I'm a bad mom :) And I am absolutely raising a metro male ;) lol

Monday, April 13, 2009


If I hear one more story about Obama's dog.. I'ma hurl. And I'm serious. For starters.. he's not a pound puppy.. which I thought he promised to adopt? Secondly.. I just don't care. Does that make me a bad person? I just don't care about what kind of pet is in the White House. He could have rats, dogs, peacocks or lice... I Do Not Care!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Misc Crap

This is a mural MrNV made.. 'Flaming June'. And some pastries my father brought home from Andre's.. yummy! I eated the bunny. And my office is finally finished. While it was under construction-chaos I decided to take the pc apart and clean it. I almost went with the green color in the photo for my office, but ended up with a honey-butter kind of color. I love it. But I love that pillow and I was trying to match the colors. It's OK, I still love the pillow. I should have taken a before/after photo.. but it was just such insanity before. And now I'm waiting for the perfect chair to go in front of my desk. I'm just never happy :)

Happy Belated Easter

It rained here, boo! Had a bunch of friends over for dinner, and were forced to do an indoor Easter egg hunt. Bah. And I love the 2 chocolate bunnies, because they only have one eye! Cyclops bunny! Wheeee! They were grand prizes for the weenies. Oh, and yes, the oil painting is of my father. It's a famous painting, he had himself painted into it. I love it, it's hilarious. We call it his shrine. Tee-Hee

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ha! Still not working!

Alex's PS3 has been misbehaving lately, and yesterday wouldn't play his games at all. We took it to Best Buy and it was not working for them either. Soooo... I whipped out my trusty extended warranty (expires in December) and got a whole new system. Actually an upgrade, it's 80gig verses the 40gig we had. Bwahaha! I did pay for a new extended warranty.. but that's OK. I didn't pay $400 for a new system.

Bring it!! I'm STILL in a good mood!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

You're trying... but you'll not win evil demons! :)

OK. So my mom and dad got into a fight lastnight, because my dad insinuated that her real father was an alcoholic.. and so it's HERRRR fault that my brother is an alcoholic. Nice. So while I was working yesterday I heard, "FUCK YOU!" and the door slammed. And the funny thing is that she's a proper English lady.. and never cusses. The guy helping me actually started laughing... because she sounded so funny. So today I get an email that she's not coming to Easter. ....sigh.... Kids. I tell you. So now it's MY job to placate my mother and make her all happy again so that she will not ruin Easter.

And my ceiling still looks like shit.

But I'm still in a good mood. Although twice a year I get a migraine, and today is the day. If I don't make any sudden movements... I still feel somewhat alright. I'm serious, I'm not giving in. I'm in a good mood, and I MEAN IT!

That's all you got?

Friday: Hubby leaves town for work.

Saturday Night: Brother shows up drunk in front of my house. Passed out in his car.

Sunday Night: Cops show up, flashing lights and all, at 10:30pm to investigate why there is a drunk guy passed out in front of my house. I'm advised he either comes in or will be taken away.. and his car towed. Which in the end costs the family $$... so drunk brother is now asleep on my basement floor.

Monday: The guy doing my office ceiling is sick, so my office will remain plastic covered chaos yet another day. Dad makes me unwrap his legs, his doctor told him he had to wait until Tuesday. They are better.. but .. well... really gross.

Tuesday: My house is still disorganized chaos everywhere because all the office crap has consumed it. My pansies and all my beautiful Spring flowers are laying on the ground.. thank you Jack Frost. I'm quite certain my lilac bush won't be blooming yet again this year. Again, thanks Jack Frost. However, I'm still in a good mood? So... bring it!
Update: You know, my office looks like something out of the show 'Dexter'. If anyone has seen that on HBO. It's like a little serial killer room. Perhaps I should invite my brother up....

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Monkey du jour

Today we were coming home from piano lessons. We like to stop at Dollar Tree, it's nearby.. and I love any store where everything is a dollah! After we left and were cruisin' down the highway;

"The person that owns the Dollar Tree, they are a dollar-aire."

Is that a millionaire during a recession?? :)

Bla bla bla and bla

And yes, we had a lot of fun in Vegas. We enjoyed the drive through Colorado and Utah as usual.. it's just so beautiful. We took my dad's little Scion. I thought it would be horrid, but that little monster kicks arse on the highway. We would be doing 80mph and not even realize it.. so I have no complaints. Other than the fact that it's the size of my right shoe. However, we got excellent gas mileage! The tank is small and only took about $12 to $18 to fill .. depending on where we were. Versus my van which takes about $30 to $40 to fill. So that was odd.. having the tank fill so quickly :)

Strange odd boy did get to have his birthday dinner on the top of Stratosphere, which is his favorite place. As long as I don't pass out in the elevator ride up (or down) I'm fine. It was just the 3 of us going up, with the operator. I got the usual, "Are you alright?" question :) Going down the thing was FULL, so there were so many factors horrifying me at that moment.. we were at the bottom before my mind really had time to focus on one :) Whew!

We stayed at the MGM for a few nights, that was a first for me. Rio is still my favorite, and we stayed there for a few nights. And Hilton, but they're so far off the strip that you feel a bit like you have left Vegas.. which is just peachy fine with me. I thought I uploaded photos to Flickr, but I guess not yet. I'll have to update.

Now we're just back to homeschooling and we've been painting the inside of the house. Finally that hideous wallpaper in my dining room and kitchen is GONE! I'm thrilled. The kitchen isn't finished yet, but will be soon. When we moved in there was a hideous grapes wallpaper in there, and we've never fixed it. Or that crap in the dining room. I felt stuck in the 80's :)

I hope everyone out there in bloggerland is doing great! I will read what's going on. I've been on Facebook for a while, but have grown tired of it. I am sick of all the updates where everyone is taking 1001 tests on what kind of drink you are, what movie star are you... bla bla bla .... And on top of that, the people I couldn't stand in high school are sending me friend requests. Right. You were a complete bitch at school... so I REALLY care what you're doing now. Nope. I don't. I know, I'm old and cranky. But seriously, there was this girl named Pam. She made gradeschool a living hell.. other than this guy named Jason. And I even saw her at my dad's restaurant once, and she was still a bitch to me. So why would she ask to be my friend now? When I accept a friend, it means I don't mind if you read my personal shit. I don't want her reading my personal shit! So. I've declined a few people, and the rest are nuts. Well, the ones from school :) There was one lady I was happy to find, but she takes about 300 tests every day and I can't read what anyone else is doing. So. Anyway. Facebook stinks. And Twitter I don't even understand, and don't want to.

I miss my blog :) I can be happy or sad, angry or thrilled. Someone can read it.. or not. It doesn't matter, because it's just a chance for me to GET IT OUT! It's my journal :) And I like it. And no mean little girl from gradeschool can bully me :)

Dream Log

I had the strangest dream lastnight, and I was so angry and freaked out through the whole thing. I had a dream that I woke up and as I was coming downstairs I glanced at the overlook into the living room.. and it was all decorated for Christmas. I walked over to the balcony area and as I could view the rest of the living room, everything was back just as it was at Christmas. There was a tree all decorated with lights and ornaments. There were even poinsettias everywhere... beautiful big red ones. But I was so annoyed, as it was NOT Christmas. When I came downstairs I found my dad in the kitchen asleep in a chair laying on the table. He woke up and told me it was Christmas. I explained that it was Spring, and asked why he would take the time to dig up all of the Christmas things. He was acting crazy, and I can't remember now what all he said.. but he was determined it was Christmas. And he wanted everything up because it made him happy. (Which, in real life is a lie.. he hates Christmas :)). For some reason I went into his room and took his guns, he was playing with them. I think I was worried that he had gone insane... and nobody wants an insane man playing with guns :) But in my dream I was really mad and yelling at him about how long it took us to put all that stuff away and now we would have to do it again. But I do remember thinking, "Oh, it's only a dream."... and then I would immediately think... "No! It's not! Your father has really gone insane.. you're awake!" At one point I even woke up again in the dream.. to find Christmas stuff everywhere. That was the most frustrating, because I didn't know what I was going to do with dad.

So. Luckily I am now awake and there are no Christmas ornaments.. and dad hates Christmas just as much as he did when I went to bed :) Whew!!