Monday, April 28, 2008

Moment of Zen :)

So my dad moved in today. It went well, he hired movers and helpers and such so he didn't have to lift things.. and that was great. So he's in his room now .. which is next to my office .. and I can hear him over there sorting through his things. Monkey wandered in there with his homework and is laying on the floor while my dad does his thing.. and it's just sorta calming now. I know MrNV is not super thrilled about my dad moving in, but I think it's going to work out. And I just have a calm knowing that he needed to be in a happy place.. and that we are able to be it. And I like knowing that if something happens, we're here to help him. He's getting old and simple tasks can sometimes be a challenge. So, it's a good day. I certainly hope it doesn't turn out to be a mistake.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Confessions of a bad daughter


So I have been working towards my dad moving in, he wants to be here by May 1st. Today he had some auction company come by and pick up all his art and antiques and such. Yesterday he called upset because everyone we have asked to help him has blown him off.. as usual. So I took the little kiddo-s by lastnight and they worked hard moving things around. While in his spare room, I noticed that he still had my Aunt's hand painted china in the closet. This would be the china I ranted about last year that he told me he had sold. It was the last set she worked on, and she had it finished by art students when she became too ill to finish it. He did give me a dinner plate set with vegetables on it, which I greatly appreciated. I got it last month. But this was the original set I had asked for, and he decided to fuck with me. So lastnight MissA was in the room with me, and my dad was elsewhere. She helped me snag the tea pot, creamer and sugar jar. Bwahahahah! I remembered the tea pot, which was the part I really wanted. It had her initials on the bottom, the rest were done by the students. So today when I went over there to help pack up the rest of the things, he said he was not selling it... because.. mumble mumble.. wants it. He said 'what's her name'.. which would be one of my bitch sisters. So I am THRILLED that I took the 3 pieces lastnight. Neither of my sisters ever liked my Aunt, and I would feel ill knowing they had it. Bwahahah! I know. So petty. They can have the rest of the set because all they care about is how it 'looks' not that it has any sentimental value. I'll post a photo later, but I needed to get my sin off my chest :)

I'll say 3 hail Mary's and be on my way :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

True Love :)

I just love Cartman. I do. Lastnight I watched an episode I've not seen before, 'Tsst!'. Holy cow, I laughed until I cried. Cartman's mother tries to get him under control by calling Nanny 911, then Supernanny.. and when all else fails... The Dog Whisperer! Holy cow! I recorded it, and will covet it until I die :) He teaches Cartman's mother to use the fingers on the neck and 'Tsst!' sound to DOMINATE little Cartman :) Bwaaaaaaaaaaahahah! Now I shall try this on Monkey Boy :)

Monday, April 07, 2008

Come ON!

I walked through the office to hear on the TV people are upset because at some grade school kids were encouraged to 'cross dress' for wacky week. They're not saying, "Hey, try looking like the opposite gender.. you might find you like it more and you'll totally reject heterosexuality!"... they're just being silly. People have done that for as long as I can remember, and surely before that even. Guys were always dressing up as girls for Halloween when I went to school.. mainly in High School.. but I don't remember much of grade school :) And I remember going to a musical, can't think of the name of it right now, where Navy guys were dressed as women for a skit they were doing. I'm quite certain that musical was around before I was. Why does everything have to be so serious anymore? I'm about 2 news reports away from moving to ... somewhere they still have a sense of humor.

Musical is 'South Pacific'. There was a part where they dressed as women, right? At any rate. People need to LIGHTEN UP! Man!

Maybe he should not be a doctor when he grows up..

Monkey perked up with this in the car the other night, took MrNV and I a moment to translate :)

Monkey: "I really don't want my testicles removed."
Me and MrNV: basic look of, 'uh?'
Me: "What? What are you talking about?"
Monkey: "I don't want my testicles removed."
Me: "Yah, got that. Why would you even say that?" (.. thinking maybe he's referring to the fact we just had the dog Bandit fixed)
Monkey: doesn't answer, as he's trying to figure out WHERE the confusion is
Me: "It's not something you would ever have done. You really shouldn't go around saying things like that."
Monkey: realizes maybe it was all lost in translation.. and tries to explain. "You know, when you have surgery and you get a lot of ice cream after?"
MrNV and I: Ohhhhhhhhh
Me: "Um, those are called tonsils. Totally different."

Saturday, April 05, 2008


I am officially a photo takin' soccer mom. You can see more here, if you're insane :)

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A huge lie

Anyone that knows me, knows that this award is so incredibly wrong :) I must really keep it clean for my blog. Sheesh.

The Blog-O-Cuss Meter - Do you cuss a lot in your blog or website?
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My learnin' for today

I have always spelled the word visible.. with an a. Visable. It just sounds right, as far as how I pronounce it. I guess it makes sense, it goes with vision I suppose. I'm certain I've also spelled it visability. I don't say vis-IH-bility... I say vis-UH-bility... right? Anyway. I've always thought I had a grasp on spelling, it was always my favorite subject. Lucky me I wasn't in a Spelling Bee.. that would have been embarrassing!

Now Hiring... Bun Buffer

So I asked MrNV if he wanted a new job.. and showed him graphic representation of what would be required. He started glowing like the sun. Well, brighter really. Like that commercial with the glimmery teeth? So then I was thinking that 'Bun Buffer' for Gisele Bundchen might also be the perfect job for the Rockdog and possibly even Sirdar.. if he can get a written permission slip from MrsSirdar :) So I thought I'd give you all an equal opportunity to apply...

Click HERE to apply for this job :)