Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Lastnight I had a really creepy dream. Again, one of those that when you wake up you're completely exhausted and stressed out. I remember it from the point that MrNV, Monkey and I were in our van.. not sure where we were going. For some reason MrNV decided it would be a great idea to crawl all over the van.. he was trying to get something. Not inside, no, but the outside of the van.. like a ... well.. monkey. While I'm freaking out (driving) he's telling me it's OK and fine and bla bla... and I discover I have no brakes. "We have no brakes! I can't slow down!!!"... cars whirring past us in the opposite direction and honking. Me freaking out that he's going to get hit by a passing car. "Get in the van now!!!!!!!"... of course, he says, "It's OK!". Then I realize his foot.. even though he's hanging on the door.. is on the gas pedal. WHAT!!!!???? So I manage to kick his foot off, then coast up hill through a park. Hoping I don't run anyone over. We finally stop and he's all perky, "Great, let's have a picnic here!"... like nothing happened. ..sigh.. So, we get out and I notice there is a super fine tornado looking vortex coming from the sky. It's not stormy, but just a small cloud. I thought it was neat at first, because it was only as wide as a pen. However, strong enough to grab Monkey Boy, so MrNV and I are both clinging to him for dear life as he's hanging upside down from the sky. We're both grabbing him and grabbing each other trying to weigh him down. The tornado finally vanishes and then we realize a huge black storm is upon us, and now there is a huge tornado. So we turn and run... and run... and run... to this very large ominous church. I'm guessing Catholic, cuz they're just cooler looking :) We enter and run down millions of stairs yelling at everyone to take cover because there is a tornado coming. We get to the bottom floor and between the pews there are these 2 foot deep spaces, seems like where people might put there feet. Have no idea why they were there, but I threw Monkey into one and laid on top of him. Of course, while MrNV is heard from the stairwell, "Wowwww! That is THE coolest!!!"... then he finally dives for cover with us. After all of the noise and destruction passes above, we lift our heads wondering if it's over or if we're in the eye of some giant freakish tornado. Just then I see this evil dark shadowy creature coming down the stairs of the church. One of those things you just know is evil, but you're not sure why NOW is such a good time for it to appear??!?!? And I'm wondering what kind of church we have entered... and how far down we went?!?! And what IS this box area I'm cowering in?!?? And where can I run to hide from THIS? And can I? Is the tornado coming back?!?! WAS IT A TORNADO?!?!? WHAT IS GOING ON!??!... and I woke up :)


I thought about it, and I think 90% of that dream is me just getting old and freaking out that my husband still lives in the fast lane with his foot on the pedal and no brakes. And I'm just trying to keep up :) The other 10% is because he made me watch scary movies and I hate them. He turns them on the TV in the office, then hides the remote. As he knows I'm too unmotivated to get up and push the stupid little change button.. and that he'll fuss anyway. Then I get hooked into the plot.. not much of a plot.. and I want to know what happens. He sucks ;)

Otherwise, getting ready for Halloween. We purchased and carved 20 pumpkins. Well, I carved about 5 and gave up when MrNV kept 'improving' them. They were too happy I think. GirlNextDoor and her daughter kicked in their skillz on a couple.. and the pumpkin stakes are up. Now to add Satan and some gore.. some tombstones and we'll be good.

My sister's kitty died yesterday. My mother will see this as a sign, that everything dies in 3's, and will be crying until the 3rd animal dies. As she has about 100, I'm sure it will be one of hers.

My brother keeps emailing me unimportant news and links. I wish he would stop. He put a stuffed animal in our mailbox yesterday. I still have not received an apology, and I got another call about 10 days ago from the cops wanting me to pick up my drunk brother. He emails how he's going to AA, yet I'm getting calls. He obviously doesn't know they called me. But now my other sister is also sending me emails. I'm not quite sure when the memo went out that I wanted to be buddies with my shitty siblings? She's inviting me to jewelry parties and such.. I just ignore them. Won't they stop?

Did the scrapbooking thing last weekend with the other sister, we'll call her MrsQVC. It was alright. Not quite what I expected, but fun enough. Did learn to make this neat little card/book out of a single 12x12 piece of paper. I said to MrsQVC, "Hey, with a Christmas theme, these would make cool Christmas cards. We should get together and make some?". Next thing I know MrsQVC is purchasing all the supplies and planning a huge shindig at her place. To the point that she invited my buddy Chalice. She was over here and answered the phone while we were gone, and MrsQVC explained it all to her. Big eats-n-treats shindig. I was mad, until I realized I might as well let her do it and spend all the $$.. cuz it makes her happy. And I'll just bring my crew over there :) Saves me doing it, right? She wants to be a busy body and scrapbook, then let her. I signed up for the classes so we could do something together, not so she could take over my hobby. But, whatever.

Puppy is doing great. Growing like a weed. A fat little round weed with vicious teeth and claws. Not sure if they have a spray for that :)

Monkey Boy is excited about Halloween. Not sure what he's going to be, but it will be gross. They no longer allow costumes at school, so that sucks. Oh well. They won't be happy until they suck all the fun out of life. So I will attend the 'Fall Celebration' tomorrow, but I know in my heart it's a freakin' HALLOWEEN PARTY! I need to start my own school where you get to party more and study less. I'm quite sure in the end my graduates will at least be happier and have the BEST memories!!!! Who cares that they can't add or spell :) They will know how to build the best haunted Halloween graveyard.. so they can get seasonal work at least :)

So. Photos later after the chaos. And no more dreams. Gah.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

On a happy note...

I don't like to post blatant photos of hot men on my blog :) However, I thought making an exception today might cheer me up. Can you believe Ryan Reynolds is 31 today? I post this photo only for scientific reasons, so you can see what a 31 year old body looks like. You know. It's all for science.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I will sure miss you.

I don't know what happened. But I will sure miss you little buddy. You were a lot of fun, and a pretty sweet bunny. I'm sure sorry if I did something wrong to cause you to pass on today, and I'm so sorry you were alone. I wish I could have been there, maybe I could have helped you. I'm so sorry.

I took this photo of Hasen last week on my desk. Now who will steal my salad? And chew on my newspapers? XOXO

Hasenfeffer's photos

Thursday, October 18, 2007


One of my favorite actresses has died. Deborah Kerr. She was 89. I always loved her movies, she just had so much personality. And was so beautiful. I can't even start to list the movies I loved her in, but of course the one that makes me cry every time would be 'An Affair to Remember'. Holy cow. And after all these years I know how it's going to end! But when Cary Grant discovers the picture he painted ..sold to a woman in a wheelchair by his manager... is in her apartment.... bring on the water works!

"Oh, it's nobody's fault but my own! I was looking up... it was the nearest thing to heaven! You were there... " BWaaaaaaaaaaaaa....tissue...waaaaaaaaaaahhhaaaaaaaaaaa...tissue...snort

She was amazing. I loved 'The King and I', I have also watched it over and over and over .... And so many more. One where she was a seamstress and was in love with some factory owner's son.. and he married a bitch and had 2 kids. I don't remember the name, but it also makes me cry. They do end up together in the end ... OF COURSE!! An old black/white move. (Nevermind, that was Maureen O'Hara I think.. doh!) And the make-out scene in 'From Here to Eternity'... everyone has seen THAT! SO naughty! :) Oh well. She will never be forgotten :)

I just researched info on her. She was born in Scotland.. just like me!! OK, but she stayed there :) And when she retired from movies, due to graphic sex and violence, she moved to Switzerland! OK, it's like we're related! She had 2 daughters, don't seem to be in acting however. Was only married twice, so that's impressive :)

And these little factoids:
*Joan Crawford was originally meant to play her role in 'From Here to Eternity' (1953).
What a travesty THAT would have been!
*Maureen O'Hara was originally meant to play her role in 'The King and I' (1956).
Again, WHEW!
*August 2004 - her brother, Edmund Trimmer (78) was murdered in a road rage incident.
*When she was a young girl, she had a strict "Victorian" grandmother who made her lie on her back, on the floor, for long periods of time, in order to "straighten her back" and ensure good posture.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just so... stupid

I truly do not understand why Ellen DeGeneres had to go on her show and cry about a dog being removed from her hairdressers home. I think it's just crazy that the adoption agency would actually involve the police in the matter, if the dog wasn't being abused. Isn't their objective to find dogs homes? I understand the point Ellen is trying to make. However, she just had to know that by using her celebrity she would cause insane trouble for the non-profit doggy adoption place? I get both sides, but it's just truly ridiculous. And I can't believe it's actually become major news. I'm sad for the 2 little girls that apparently fell in love with the dog, but I would be embarrassed if I were Ellen. Had she handled it better, I'm sure that the agency would have been more cooperative. They're obviously just pissed off now. This is the story. And here is the video of her on her show via YouTube. Oh, and a TMZ video interview here. ..sigh..

Raining cats and dogs today :) Tornado watches and all! Woot!!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Eye Candy

This is sort of neat. This photographer took panoramic photos and then altered them to look like little planets. Fun fun. I clicked on 'slideshow' and had fun looking at each of them. You might like. Might not. But I'm posting so that I can find it another time :)

Click HERE

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Le Puppeh

MrNV and I agreed that we would make sure Roscoe found a new home before we considered a new puppeh. The shelter we adopted him from over a year ago found him a great new home. The new owners understood that he was a FENCE JUMPER AHOLIC and had been adopted a few times.. and were ready for the challenge :) They were in love.. which was easy, because he really was a sweet dog. So Monkey and I went to check out Hasenfeffer's babies yesterday. There is a pet store nearby where their momma took them... so cute!! While there, Monkey and I fell in love with a kill-shelter lab they had available for adoption. We booked home to get MrNV, literally down the street.. and by the time we returned he was adopted. Gah! So we decided to drive around to the different shelters and see what was up. We also agreed this time that we had to do a puppy, because we were shell-shocked from Roscoe. No more dogs with issues :) Our 14 year old lab was 2 when we adopted her, and we never had problems. And the amazing Ivan, our first dog, was also about 2.. and the greatest dog evah. Legendary :) At any rate, after a sad day of looking at puppies that were already adopted... regardless of signs that said AVAILABLE/HEALTHY. Seriously, they need a better system than.. "Go and look and let us know if you find one you're interested in...." NOT! We found the most beautiful little merle puppy, he looked like a tiger. Tag said Available/Healthy... but there were 2 people signed up to adopt him. ?!?!

So we had been pondering some blue heeler puppies we found information on. And bla bla bla, long boring story short...


MrNV wasn't sure until he saw the father. What a great dog! He was so calm. When she let him out of the house, he immediately brought over a plastic bottle... set it down and just stared at her. It was funny, she threw it and he caught it in the air. Big jumpin' freak he was! Then he played with Alex for a bit, so MrNV was sold. We had a really hard time picking, they were so adorable. But MrNV and Monkey both fell for this one, he is now named Bandit. MrNV thought he looked like the dog from Johnny Quest, with the patch over each eye :)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Your Daily Tip

Sort of smart :) Although the only time I buy chips is when I have company coming, and then I send them home with everyone! But please, do take note.. this could prevent some stale late night munchies!

Creative Question

MrNV wants a vintage recipe to put on tile. He's thinking Italian recipe for pasta or bread.. any suggestions on what would look cool? What would fit a kitchen theme that people would want to buy?