Friday, August 31, 2007


Captain Corky is torturing himself with a comments-a-thon or something. I don't know. Just support him if you have a moment :) Or he might become sad.. and it will be all YOUR fault :)

Kinda funny..

As my daily mental break, I like to read DListed. But, there is another site which I sometimes check out Perez Hilton. He's kind of an ass, and I hate his stupid drawings on photos. He was on some MTV show lastnight.. taking celebs (which he surely isn't) and pairing them with a rapper. It's a contest to see which celeb (which he definitely isn't) will win. Like American Idol karaoke I guess.

I admit, I chuckled. He was funny, and did end up getting voted into the next round. I think it's the first time I've heard a gay rap song :) Had you seen the other contestants, you would appreciate his performance :) I don't know why I watch these things, but they amuse me while I'm working. I become hostile while doing paperwork, so I need something to calllllm me :)

Why MrNV is a wanker.

He's going to be in Vegas during the MTV music awards. Staying on the strip. And you know he's going to see some drunken celebs he should be taking pics of, but he won't know who they are. And he'll come home and tell me he saw NOTHING. I will be forced to smack him around.. then his friends will take him to the man shelter again. He's such a wuss :) But you just know, as his job is brass pole inspector for the state, he will see some fools in those strip clubs!! I'm kidding. But he will be at a popular casino, and I know some will pass through. He did meet one of the paparazzi photogs in the elevator once. That was interesting. And he also saw the two guys that host the show MXE? Is is still called that? Most Extreme Elimination? I LOVE that show! He coulda taken a photo!!
Ach well. I'll just tell him to take photos of everything that looks interesting. We can all sort it out here later :) Last time he took pics with his camera phone... of a woman dancing in a cage and a huge aquarium. An OK start I guess :)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

disTURbing things I've seen this week...


Why, Britney, whyyyy?
What happened to Angelina's trunk??
Kid Rock needs to close the trunk.

And WHY does Rockdawg have a crush on Amy Winehouse?

Feel free to click on images for larger versions... if you can handle it :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Just for Chal-o-perv

I was talking to Chal, and at the end of our call I pushed my 'check mail' button. And laughed. "Omigod, I get these every night!!". And I seriously do, about 20 of them just after midnight. Spam is a never ending nightmare around here, I've just had my email account too long. And it's everywhere and I believe they're also pulling it from my website. So, anyway, she was laughing because she's a perv and wanted me to post them. Freak. So, these are the subject lines... enjoy. Freaks... all of you :)

When I tried to give him oral sex, I practically choked. how do I do it without gagging? Please help!

I just started dating a guy I like, but his putz is on the small side and doesn't really satisfy me.

My boyfriend's dick keeps slipping out.

My boyfriend's phallus is too big for my mouth.

My new guy's member is enormous, and my mouth is tiny.

My boyfriend's tool is too big for my mouth.

Well, and 12 other variations of the above. ..sigh.. Oh, and they were all from Nestor Hurst.. incase you know him :)

Most of the emails had something like this in the text;

Baronesses always hee-hawed at me and even men did in the free WC! Well, now I whoop at them, because I took M E _G_A_D_ IKfor 3 months and now my shaft is terribly preponderant than national.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Chestnuts roasting.... no more!!

Yesterday I took a break and found a website that carries a chestnut puree. This is BIG news for me. At Christmas I like to make what I call vermicelli. No, it ain't pasta. It's this wonderful dessert which is made with a chestnut puree. But for the longest time I had no idea what was in it. I would sometimes have it while living in Switzerland, and you can't find it here. Even at Andre's.. although they know what it is they only make it for special orders. AKA expensive. One year, for my birthday, my brother asked what I wanted. "I want you to make vermicelli!". Yes, he knows what it is. My father and brother are both executive chefs trained in Switzerland. You say vermicelli.. they know. So there I was, I think it was around my 24th or something. A beautiful display.. the meringue shell and everything. Proper color...but the texture looked dry. I was excited anyway... and I tasted. NOOOOOOOOOOO!! My dad and brother both laughed, because they thought they could fool me. Idiots. This was CLEARLY marzipan colored and mixed with whipping cream. So they think me an idiot? Of course, I asked, "I thought you were professionals?? I am ashamed that you don't even know what vermicelli is!!".. but they did. I just had to get the final word :)

So the year before last I roasted and toasted and wasted much time with chestnuts. I mixed and mashed and taste tested.. until I created what was the MOST impressive vermicelli ever! I took it to my mother's Christmas thang.. and it as a success! Not very pretty.. but I am not a chef. I only make things that taste good... I'm not so good with the show part.
Anyway, I am excited that I have found bottled chestnut puree. Yes. This is grand indeed. I can't find it locally. And I found canned vermicelli from a Canadian store, but don't want to pay shipping. So I'll receive it next week, it's coming from Ohio. And once I have created my beautiful desserts.. I will post photos. And you can all continue not to care :) But for me it is yet another thing crossed off of my list of things to do before I die. I need to start adding more stuff.. as I'm getting older this list is getting shorter. That can't be a good sign!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Late night suffering.. sorta

It's after 2am and I'm doing a late night-er trying to catch up on paperwork. I thought I'd watch 'Miss Potter' on demand. What a sweet movie. I never knew the history of Beatrix Potter. How tragic that her first love died. What a wonderful lady, though. Although I still just can't stomach that puffy faced actress in the movie.. Renee Zellweger. She's just always the same quirky squinting person in every movie.. isn't she??!

We also watched the season finale' of 'Big Love'. Not too bad at all. MrNV is a big fan of the show. He's trying to convince me that multiple wives is the way to go. I think sometimes he doesn't fully consider the consequences of what he says :) I like where one of the wives comments that their husband's dating life is not their business. BWAHAHHAA! That's just wrong on so many levels.

Ach well. Back to work. Anyone have any freakin' coffee??!

Sunday, August 26, 2007


Went to see 'The Bourne Ultimatum' lastnight. Pretty good movie, actually. I read the books a long time ago, and they have always been a favorite. But, I am SO tired of the MTV generation herky-jerky videography... seriously. I love movies that have car chases.. and you can watch what's going on.. like 'The Transporter'. Love that movie, because you can see the action. But they jerked the camera around so much it made me nuts. Either do action, or don't do action.. but don't hide action with motion sickness camera tricks. Jerks. I had the same problem with the newest Pirates of the Caribbean flick... too herky-jerky. I like to look at stuff.. not WONDER about what I just saw. I think it's 'Ronin' that has one of my all time favorite car chases.

My sister watched Monkey, and we also went to see 'Superbad'. I loved the 2 cops in the movie, and their interaction with McLovin. But the chubby foul-mouthed kid I coulda done without. I'm no prude, and I don't mind language... but it can get excessive at times. To the point you start to feel uncomfortable for the character. I would like $1 for every time the word 'dick (and slang words for it)' or 'vagina (and, slang words for IT)' were used. Not to mention every sex act discussed repeatedly. Kinda lame when you can't create humor without shocking the audience.

Anyway, that's my view on things :) MCLOVIN'... WHYYYYYY!?!?!?!? :)

So, the 2007 Teen Choice Awards are on. They just went through the list of celebs and misc freaks that will be on the show.. and promoted the 3 kids from 'Superbad'. K, this movie is Rated R so TECHNICALLY no teen should have seen that movie... right?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Miss Teen USA 2007 - South Carolina answers a question

Uh... what? "Everywhere.. like.. such as..." and build up our future..whuuut??

I had the Miss Teen USA on for a bit lastnight, but MrNV kept whining that it was killing him. Even though they were dancing around in short shorts, and we were only about 5 minutes into it. Big baby that he is :) So I missed this amazing speech. She came in 3rd.

Friday, August 24, 2007

I love nerds :)

This kid rocks :) I have no idea what the importance is, as I don't care about the iPhone, but I like what he did. I like productive hackers :)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Out of my COMA!

We had a great time in Colorado. I took over 1 million photos. Of course I don't want to post all 1 million here, so I put them in flickr. My family can review them there.. without coming to my blog :)

Red Mountain Pass

Country Boy Gold Mine

Mesa Verde National Park

Mt. Evans, Colorado

Silver Mine Tour

Rocky Mountain National Park

Steam Engine Train Ride from Durango to Silverton

Estes Park

Near Colorado Springs

Royal Gorge

Lost in Colorado

Waterproof Fun (I know, I'm a spoiled child)

Pine Creek

Winter Park

Misc Colorado

And so that's all of them. If you have NOTHING else to do, then feel free to browse around. The 'view as a slideshow' option is nice so you don't get lost. But, if you don't go through all of them... I completely understand. Sometimes it's not as fun to look at someone else's vacation photos... I won't be upset :)

Off to get school supplies for the Monkey!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Perseid shower tonight!!

Hello from Colorado...

Just taking a break to say we're having a lot of fun! The weather is amazing! We're in Dillon, Colorado right now and headed out for other areas. It actually rained lastnight, and we caught some really beautiful lightning. Night before we were on top of Mt Evans... OMG that pass... and watched storms in a few directions. Really fun! OK, not so much the pass to get there.

Monkey is having a great time. And I'm sorry to hear the temps back in KC are so amazingly HOT!! 'feels like' over 100? No thank you! It's been in the 80's at most here. And at night we need a jacket. ..snicker.. Oh well, not that I don't have to return to that steamy humid pit of heat soon. ..sigh..

I would upload a photo but the image is too large and blogger is booting it. Don't have the patience or time to reduce image sizes right now :) I did upload a few .. or tried.. to Flickr. If the link works on the left, there might be a few Colorado pics there. Off to the hillllssssssss........

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Yes, we're still here. S'alright, van will be ready momentarily! They finished their work lastnight, but now the alignment is being checked or something. Anyway, I kept forgetting to post THIS. Click on that link to read about the Perseid shower this Sunday night/ Monday morning. We'll be watching in Colorado for sure!!!

Oh, and don't get me started on the fact that MrNV's Uncle decided to bring all of his drama over here today, and is crying on MrNV's shoulder about his horrible marriage. I guess he found out his wife is going to have all the util's shut off on the house... in order to get him to move out. The guy is nice and all, but I would have never married him to begin with. I have been with MrNV since 1986.. and his uncle has never had an actual job. And I figured their marriage just worked well that way, she had a good paying job and he took care of the house. He's not lazy, just.. um.. very.. disconnected from reality? If I were making really good dough, I wouldn't mind at ALL having my own house husband to boss around :) However, all of a sudden she's no longer happy with the arrangements. So, whatever. We've known for quite a while, which is why he has been doing work for us.. cuz he wanted his own cash. But now he's laying on the tears quite thick this morning and trying to hit MrNV up for some money. Who does that??!! He knows we're trying to leave town, and MrNV is now busy helping him research lawyers and such. Again, another notch in the 'why Monkey is an only child' column :)

Monday, August 06, 2007


If you want a postcard, email me the necessary info. Unless you have before, and you know I won't forget you this time :)

BTW, Tense, if you're reading this... I owe you a birthday present! I totally spaced it off after harassing you at the time.. cuz you were having a bad week. Gah. So, I will take care of it asap!!! Crap! You must think me a total wanker!!


So we're supposed to be leaving in the morning. But, since this is what is going on outside right now... I think maybe not.
"I wanted to do the struts.."

"Did you just wake up this morning and have a vision?? This was not something that could have been done while it was in the shop already?"


I don't ask. I just live here. He is man. Need I say more?

So this is his Uncle in red wreaking havoc on my vancruisermobile.. which was running just perfectly fine before they decided to get all macho and take shit apart. It can just be so very frustrating trying to understand how the male mind actually works. And it's impossible to avoid these things. I thought having the AC worked on and getting new tires would avoid problems. Had the smart guys that do car things tell me it was road worthy and that we would be fine. STILL not enough to avoid this situation. Last time we did a road trip these 2 decided to rotate the tires. Hey, to find out they were cupped and we go to listen to that joyous thumping all over the state. ...sigh... I might cry at the drop of a hat, and be completely irrational... but I am so glad I'm not a man :)

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Get Lost!!

So we're leaving soon for Colorado. We're just going to get lost. Mr and I used to do that for a vacation. We'd see a road that looked interesting.. and just go. Found some really amazing places. Even followed a few Jeep Only trails in our Nissan Sentra :) Ol' Snowball, how I miss her. Paid $7K for that baby brand new, and it kicked ass for many years. Ask Chal, she spent many an hour in that car hob-nobbin' around Colorado :)

So, any suggestions? Fav things to do? We're going to head into the moun-tains. I love Breckenridge, and Cripple Creek and all those areas. Lake Dillon. Find some old ghost towns. Don't suggest any 300 mile hikes, cuz I'll just laugh at you. We're going to visit the Royal Gorge, of course. Mr said he's going to put a leash on the Monkey for fear he'll jump. Holy cow. And he scoffed at my suggestion to go white water rafting.. "Monkey might drown?". I tell you, people think I'm the freakish parent in this relationship.

I was browsing for Colorado photos on Flickr and found this beautiful set. A red fox visits this family, and she's so beautiful! I have 'mater stealin' groundhogs and squirrels... and they get a freakin' fox. We did have foxes, not sure why they took off. I thought I blogged about them, but don't find it.

Could only find this old photo of my family in Colorado to go with this post.

Anyway..... what should we do in Colorado?

Thursday, August 02, 2007


Mr is building a new fence, so he has taken the old one down. Now the groundhog feels he is entitled to steal my maters :) I caught his little sneaky butt in the act today, but couldn't get the photo until he had run all the way out into the greenway. Rat. Then the squirrel thought, "Hmmm, if he can then surely I can...". So, I also caught HIM in the act. Sorry for the crappy photos, hard to get super quality at paparazzi distances :)
Can you see that sneaky squirrel in the tomato bushes?? He's just so bad :)