Saturday, December 22, 2007

From Les Monkey...

Monkey Boy did this at school, and wanted me to post it to the blog to see if anyone can guess all of the Christmas songs in the image. No cheating! Santa is watching!! :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I saw this on Talk Soup the other day. Someone uploaded it to Youtube. It's not very good quality, but keracks me up!! I know, because my mind is in the gutter.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Meteor Shower

If you're not going to have kerappy snowing clouds like we are tonight, then you might want to check out the Meteor shower. Dress warm, as it won't rock-n-roll until really late! I remember a few years ago we took the Monkey and all went to a field and sprawled out on the ground. It was FREEZING!

Details HERE.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bad.. but...

I know, it's a bad thing that he is the way he is... but he's just so doggone cute! I just wanna pinch him! And pinch him... and pinch him...

*click here for the story*

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


OK, so I am watching 'The View' today. Because I need the abuse. I guess yesterday this conversation went on where the new girl Sherri Shepherd argued that Jesus came before the Romans and Greeks. Egads. So today Babawawa is pimping her show 'Most Interesting People'.. and Sherri asked, "Why not Britney Spears? She's interesting?" and Babawaawwaa said, "Well, we try to interview people that do positive things.".. and Sherri just sparked back, "What did POSH do??"


Bababwwaaha totally ignored her, and now she's sitting there like a disgruntled 8 year old. And I have one of those, I know the look. SO FUNNY! She is SO going to get the lecture, and she knows it. One of those, "Wait until I get you home.." looks. BWAHAHAH!

Don't get me wrong, I actually like the new girl. She seems humble and silly and she is the only one that makes me chuckle. And Whoopi is fine, she's 150% better than Rosie. She may not agree with everyone else's opinion, but she will stop an argument (aka Joy ranting and shooting her mouth off) so that they can get their point in. I like that, it's what I asked for all along. Babawa I like just because she is such a Diva, and I wish I could be a fly on the wall of her office. I just love catching those cutting looks she gives the others when they catch her in a lie. AHAHHA

"We like to interview people that do positive things."

I love you Sherri :)

Monday, December 03, 2007

On a happier note.

I know why my dreams are getting to me. I have things going on which annoy me, but can't blog about. I hate to sound like a wanker-whiner :) And Christmas is coming up, which is complete ass. I'm tired of trying to think of Christmas presents for my family.. most of whom I don't even like. Last year they got front row seats to Cirque du Soleil.. this year they'll be lucky if they get a swift kick in the ass.

However, my mother did do a magnificent thing and made us the annual gingerbread house. Last year she was in the UK taking care of nana, so she wasn't able to. It's the biggest she has made us so far! Holy cow! It's gigantor! And she even made a 2nd one for Monkey's class. He was very excited to take it in today. Most likely we're violating some school policy and they will burn it on the front lawn. But it's the thought that counts. And I made my neighbor girly buddy a journal for her birthday.. she turned 13 yesterday :) Happy Belated Birthday MissA!!


Today I received another comment on Monkey's video.. and I realized it has been viewed 6,348 times :) Kerazy :)

Dream Log

Again with the bad dreams. Monkey has a little friend, we'll call her Silly. She and I were driving somewhere for some reason, who knows. She needed to go to the bathroom. It is my policy that, even at 8, the Monkey goes into the ladies room in strange places. I don't care what people think, I'm not taking chances. But in my dream, I let her go into the bathroom alone. I have no idea why.. cuz I'm an idiot in my dreams. She's such a bubbly and cute little kid, and will talk to anyone... stupid idea to let her go alone. I could see from outside the door, the bathroom was huge and seemed to be for both men and women. But still I did not enter. After a while I became concerned that she wasn't coming out, so I went in. It was like an entertainment area. There were other 8 year old girls at the back of the room playing, so I went up to ask if they saw her. "Yes, she was dancing with some man. He had balloons, they were awesome! They went that way..."...pointing to a BACK door. So I took off out the back door of this bathroom.. and it opened to a park which overlooked the ocean. There were only about 4 homes, they were huge and up on a cliff. So, of course, I started climbing along the cliff to peek over at the houses. As I peeked over the edge of one, I found a pair of feet in my face. There was a man lying on the ground right at the edge, all wrapped in wire. He was dead and puffy, and smelled horrible. Stupid thing is that I wasn't even shocked, just glad it wasn't Silly. A man saw me, but was upset more that I might be seen by the owner of the house than the fact that I saw this dead body. I climbed up onto the deck and started talking with the butler-y guy, and it seemed I knew the owner because when he walked out he wasn't surprised to see me at all. I don't know who he was, I woke up.

I think tonight I just won't go to bed. I'm tired of the anxiety.