Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I remembered my password!

Not that I actually forgot it.  It's just that it jerks me around so much I lose interest when logging in.  Why can't things be simple?  Lots of noise, chaos and homeschool right now.  I know I'm having dreams, but if I don't log them when I get up I forget.  I'm old.  It happens.  My son is lucky if I remember to feed him ;)

I want a coffee.  I like that McDonald's mocha frappe, but it has so much sugar in it.  But I want one.  I might go get one.  But if I delay until soccer, then I won't because the boy and the man give me the 'do you really need that?' look.. then I feel guilty.  Because they know in an hour I'll be bitchy that I had one and they have to live with it.  It's a horrible circle.

I guess I'll just drink another tea and be over it.
And that's all I've got for now :)  Hi blog!!  <>

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More mental chaos

So lastnights dream again involved an elevator.  Again.  I had a lot of dreams, but this is the only one I remember.. since I woke up screaming!  I was at a large building, many floors, over 100.  I stepped into the elevator.. and in doing this my brain always tells me there is no way it's going to end well... but I never listen :)  I remember looking around thinking it was a huuuuge elevator.  There was actually a small room in the center of the square elevator.  It was very wide in all directions.  I could see the concrete walls of the actual shaft, there were no elevator walls.  It didn't sink in that this was an issue, until it started moving.  The small room in the center vanished... basically what happened is that the walls of that small room were attached to the base of the elevator shaft.  As the elevator started rising, and the walls of that small room vanished.. there was a HUGE hole in the center of the floor on this elevator.  So there was a small platform to stand on, one false move and you're going to either die by elevator shaft wall... or fall through the huge hole in the center.  We were going up so fast, I dropped to the floor and tried clinging to it for dear life.  Just as I screamed... I woke up.

Fucking dreams.
I blame Taco Bell :)  Last time my son gets to choose what we have for dinner.

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Dream :)

So I have a horrible fear of heights.  Elevators are always around when I'm having a nightmare.  However, my brain is thinking outside of the box these days, such an impressive little thing.  I was in Las Vegas, and for some reason I was hosting a New Year's Eve party.  Well no, not hosting, covering it.  I was a reporter of some kind... seems to me a pre-break/post-break/coming right back sort of announcer.  It was a huge party/infomercial for some Harrah's location.  The party was poolside, and there were tons of people there.  It was late at night.  So the camera would pan around the crowd from above, and there was a lot of music.  Just as it was time to go to commercial, the camera would cut to some sort of window cleaning basket I was clinging to.  They didn't show me, it was just my voice.. and I would start talking about the new casino and all the great features.. and as I did this the window cleaning basket would start zipping up a somewhat shaky wobbly wire to the roof of the building... 89 floors up.  I really had to brace myself.  It would start from the far side of the pool, and get closer to the building as it flew up.  It's not enough that each time I wanted to hurl everywhere.... but after each commercial.. for some odd reason... I was in a less safe position.  I started standing, the next time I was sort of leaning to the edge... the next time I was hanging over the edge.. it seems the basket was shrinking.  By the time I woke up, I was clinging to this thing for dear life as it zipped up the side of the building to the 89th floor.  I don't know, maybe I was just the camera man.  So I had to hang on to the camera for this panoramic shot the studio wanted.  But I can tell you for a fact, I would have quit the job when they told me what I had to do!!  lol 

Keep it up brain.  You are gonna have to work harder than THAT to keep me from a good sleep :)

Friday, May 07, 2010

eew.. learning? lol Dream Log

The end of my dream this morning woke me up, I think because I was annoyed that I was learning!  haha  Someone used the expression, "He looked like he had been Colorado figged"... and I didn't understand.  So my brain explained it to me, "Well, seems in Colorado they have these fig trees and people often walk into the large branches.. and become dazed and confused."  Funny thing is the voice sounded like the guy from 'Dukes of Hazard'.. the guy that talked over the plot?  Haaaaa!  Holy shyte, my inner brain is a hillbilly.  I always knew it.

Alex and I have been reading a book recently with some expressions he doesn't understand, so I find myself stopping him to explain what the expression means.  I think that's why I had this hiccup of a dream.  But I Googled it.. there are no Colorado Fig trees ;)

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Dream Log

What about Sarah?!
Lastnights dream was really odd.  I was trying to help a friend of mine get her daughter into her apartment.  Seems she had lost her key, so we had to pick her up.  I was with my my friend, and 2 other people she knew.  I received a phone call, my ID read 'Sarah 1'.  I don't have anyone in my phone under 'Sarah 1'.. so that was odd.  She sounded really frantic and upset, but kind of drugged out and mellow.  It was a really odd conversation.  She kept going on and on that I was the only one she could talk to, and how sad she was.  Then she would get excited and freak out and talk really crazy.. then get all down again.  Like she was on drugs.  I didn't want to tell her that I didn't know who she was, since she kept going on and on about how I was her best friend and she had nobody else to talk to.  I know 2 people named Sarah, she wasn't either of them.  Nothing she said made any sense, and I was having a hard time reasoning with her.  She didn't want to meet.  She kept telling me she left me a 'bag in the flowers'.  I was then at the university campus.  My friends daughter lived there.  I was wandering around, listening to her on the phone.  I don't know why, I think I felt she was around there and I was trying to see if I could see her on the phone.  I walked by some flowers planted in a large concrete box, and I noticed there was a small paper bag wadded into a ball.  I just kept walking.  She ended up hanging up, and I stood there confused.  Some guy standing right by me, and was watching me.  I started to walk off and he stopped me, "Hey, you're supposed to get the bag.  It's right there.".. he pointed at the bag in the flowers.  I immediately asked him if he knew Sarah.  "No, she called me and told me to make sure you found the bag."  I had no idea what was going on.  He had money she had left him, too, to make sure he would do the job.  Then all these different students kept coming up and giving me hints on how to find Sarah, or to try to help me ask around.  I found cash in the bag, and was even more confused and concerned.  I figured she was going to kill herself, so she was leaving me money or something.  We asked everyone, and I just kept seeing people pass this little wad of cash around.  They would each take a little, then say to the next person.. "It's your turn to try to help."...??  I was really stressing out at this point because they were all very distracted with the cash, and busy passing it around.. instead of helping me figure out who this lady was.  And they all seemed to have knowledge about her, but nobody would tell me who she was... they would just pass me to the next student.  We ended up in a large classroom, and there was a lady at the front of the room.

It seems that I was some sort of student/teacher experiment.  She wanted to see if people would be willing to help me find her for money, versus just trying to help.  She was so pleased with herself for planning this test of human nature, and that we did actually end up finding her.  She had given different students different tips to reach the end.  I was so pissed off I woke up.  I was so frustrated having to explain to each student that I was trying to find Sarah, and what she sounded like.. and that I thought she was going to kill herself.  And they would take me about 10 feet, then pass me to the next person, instead of staying with me to help find her.  Ugh.  I should have stabbed that lady before I woke up :)

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ever horrified?!

Maybe our brains need to be horrified every once in a while.  In our daily life, none of us are really ever in fear of dying on a regular basis.  Stressed out?  Sure.  Annoyed?  Yeah!  Horrified?  No.  Not most of us.  So I'm thinking that's why my brain conjures up these dreams that wake me up in the middle of the night.  People are chasing me, my family is in danger.. and there is an elevator shaft.  Always with the elevator shaft.  I'm either in the elevator, and it's shaking and falling.  Or I'm on top of the elevator, and it's whizzing past open floors.. I just can't jump off for fear of being cut in half.  Or I'm looking down an open shaft.  Cables jiggling and a breeze blowing in my face.  It's all horrifying.  To me.  I hate elevators.  And my blood starts pumping and I freak out and wake up.  Horrified.  Then... of course... relieved.  But maybe my brain requires all of these emotions to stay on track, and unless I'm horrified every once in a while.... my brain just isn't happy or complete?

So that's my theory.  My life is not horrifying enough, and my brain is just dropping me a little reminder every now an then in my sleep.  Sure, you may be stressed out... but your life could actually be like THIS you ingrate. 

Thanks brain :)  I wish maybe you could just send me an email... but we'll play this game for now.   xoxo

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dream Log

I had the most grotesque dreams lastnight. Seriously horrid. I was on vacation at the beginning. I was travelling with another lady, but not my sisters or anyone I knew. She was cracking me up because we were going to go and hang out at the pool. She was all dressed and ready to go, but was cleaning our hotel room. I mean CLEANING. She had brought her own spray cleaners and was even scrubbing down all the seats. I kept teasing her that she was a germ-a-phobe (or whatever you call that) and she kept denying. So I snuck out and went to the pool.. but didn't make it to the pool. At the end of the hallway there were a bunch of religious relics and a huge cathedral. I was looking at all the relics. Little odd looking statues (about 6-10 inches in size) made from a very ashen material. They were effigy's of different evil people. I've been reading with Alex about the mound people and the different things they would bury with the dead, so it must be from that.

While going through the boxes, a little boy walked up. He kind of looked like Alex, but didn't. I think it was that creepy kid from the scary movie.. I have no idea what it was called. He had on a black cloak and kept staring at me. I left, but it was dark outside now. I don't remember everything from this point, but there was a man that wanted to murder someone. He did and he became evil. From the body of the other man, evil demons were coming out of his stomach. they looked like humans, but when you would look up close their skin would be melting or they had other deformities. It was just gross, and they were everywhere around the pool. His girlfriend showed up, and it upset him because he realized now that he was evil there was no way he could be with his girlfriend. He tried to help her escape, but the evil demons were after her. She was hiding, but they had this spray which detected virgins (I know, this is nuts I am whack). They would spray it in the air, and this really high pitched screaming siren noise would sound out where the girl was. It was really odd. I just remember all the creepy sounds, and I woke up. I have no idea if the virgin survived :) lol

So that's my dream log du jour :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dearest Journal:

Wow, it has been a long time since I've rambled to you. And it's not that I haven't wanted to. I'm on Facebook now, but I can't really vent my hostilities there.. so I'm sorry but you're it :)

It's the same old stuff. On a good note, my brother has entered a 12 month rehabilitation program, and he's doing great. He's 3 months sober now, and that's amazing for him. He used to act better than everyone else in those lame expensive rehabs of the past, but he is finally realizing he has a problem. Losing everything, including his precious camaro, has been very humbling for him. I get custody of him on Saturdays for about 4 hours, and it has been great to spend time with him. I hope he continues on this road :)

Otherwise, not talking to my mother. See... My sister, married 23 years, found out her chauvinist husband has been seeing $300 per hour escorts for the last few years. And not just now and then! We're talking weekly, up to a couple/few times a week. Addict crazy kind of stuff. I put a keystroke tracker on his computer and got all of his passwords and emails and such. He had women in AZ, TX.. and local. Just crazy. So he left town for 3 days, and when he came back she was gonnnnne. It took 3 shifts of movers, but we did it. But they're talking again. He's going to therapy. So, whatevers. To each their own.

During this time my mother found out from my dad.. who overheard from me... about the affairs. She get mad at MEEEE because my sister was not confiding in her, or turning to her for comfort. WHAT? OK, first it's not MY fault my sister is BFF's with my other sister. They're like 1 year apart, that's what happens. But why am I getting the blame? And SECOND.. and I enlightened her.. why would my sister turn to her for comfort.. when she cheated on my father repeatedly?? I mean c'mon! So she's mad at me for pointing that little tidbit out. Meh. Whatever. I've never called her on it, so it was time for me. I'm old and have no tolerance for anything anymore. If you're acting like a total dick, I'm going to call you on it :)

Um. Otherwise, everything else is the same. The other sister is going on and on about how 'she knows' how the other sister feels.. having been cheated on by 2 of her previous husbands. The difference is that she's a bitch, the sister that has been married 23 years is not. So I'm having to keep away from her because I get tired of the man hating rampages she gets into. Every time she says, "All men are pigs!".. I just want to stab her in the eye. Hag.

But Mister and Monkey are doing super great. Everything within my walls is beautiful and happy ;) Even my dad is behaving somewhat. Other than the usual rantings about Obama and whatever else he can conjure up.. it's all good. Everyone is entitled to their rantings.. maybe he needs a blog :)

Hope you're doing great journal. It's mighty quiet out here these days.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Hi Blog :)

Dear Blog,

I know, I'm a horrible blogger. I'm sure you missed me. I'm cheating on you with Facebook. It will probably end.. but I can't guarantee. Or maybe I'll give you both up, you never know. But I do like that I can tell you things without EVERYONE knowing. That's a plus. You can be my little secret ;)

So my sister is going through a horrible time in her marriage. Stuff and things going on. Things she isn't supposed to find out about. And she's.. thinking. I feel bad for her, it's pretty awful. I gave my mom a tiny bit of knowledge, so she would stop trying to pick a fight with her for not calling her. When you're going through a horrible time... my mother is not the kind of mother you want to call to talk about it. But I was wrong in telling her anything, and should have just let her explode about her not calling. Because now I am in trouble for 'keeping secrets' and she went off on me. ?! My mother is insane. So I stopped talking to her last week, told her to 'think about how insane' she is being and hung up. I didn't tell my sister, last thing she needs to hear about is argument #49854 with the insane mother. But did that stop mom? Uh, no. She told my sister today that we're arguing. Bitch. I didn't ask what reason mom gave, I just went onto the next subject. I'm curious to know what mom told her. Surely not that she's being a total c*nt because my sister isn't telling her the WHOLE story about why she and her husband are fighting. I really can't stand that woman. I'm so tired of her nicey-nicey facade she puts on around us, and then she talks shit behind our backs. Bitter nasty old woman. So, there's that.

Little Monkey has been sick all week, spiking fevers of 102.6. Finally last Friday the doctors gave him an antibiotic.. and he's better. But it sure took them long enough! I hate when he's sick, I feel so bad for him. And I constantly pester him checking his temperature and asking 1001 questions about how he feels. But he's good now, and I finally got to go grocery shopping yesterday. Yay.

My brother entered a 1 year long rehab program. So that's awesome. He has been there for 1 month so far. And he plans on staying the full program. It's paid for by the state, they have to do volunteer work at the Salvation Army and Harvester's.. and places like that. I don't think he'll want to continue on as a chef when he gets out. He's kind of talking about missionary work. I don't know what criteria they have for that.. but if it works for him I'm happy. He seems to have gone from one extreme to another, but if it doesn't involve drinking I'm all for it. I know they are really nice to him there, and he's taking it so seriously. Everyone is so much happier knowing he's there and getting the help he needs.

Everyone else is doing great. It's all I know for now :) I hope you're doing well blog. Could you call my mother and tell her what a crazy bitch she is? I'd really appreciate it. It's really festering right now. I just don't understand how someone can be so mental, it does not compute.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear journal :)

I know it has been a while since I've been here. Have been farting around a bit on Facebook. Meh. But it's damn hot right now and I fear going outside :)

Up thingies:

My brother entered a 1 year long program for addicts. I have no idea what it's like, but I'm just so happy he is somewhere he will be taken care of. For the first 2 months he can't visit with anyone, can't leave..nothing. After that he gets to leave during the day with the services and they work at Harvesters (they handle donated food stuffs), charity houses and such. He had reached the bottom, even wrecked his car. He wanted to check himself in, and was very much into it. So.. I'm actually going to pray on this one. I don't like to pray a lot, I figure the Big Man is very busy. I like to save it for the important stuff.. call in my favors when needed :)

Monkey Boy won another match in tennis today, so that's good. He's still learning, but trying very hard. It was so damn hot and it was at an outdoor tennis court. Our little tennis club is indoors, but those country clubs shove the tennis players outside ;) Bwahahha. Calculate this.. it's 7:00pm right now and the temperature is 95.. heat index 110. Humidity is 56%. That's just nuts-o. Imagine what it was like at 2:00pm when he had to play.. and you will feel his pain :)

Bad thingies:

I think I'm a social retard :) Sitting at the tennis match today, I just can't socialize with those women. Rambling on and on about how busy their social calendar is and how they just feel like a chauffeur sometimes. Snarling sarcastically about how once they leave they have to run this kid here and that kid there and bla bla bla. Why have kids if you're going to bitch about it? Why book them in all these activities if you're going to bitch about it? Wait, cuz you like to bitch about things? I just like fun people. I must be a redneck :)

Um, that's about it. I'm growing many things outside. I need to take some updated photos. I'm having the worst luck with strawberries. Little fuckers. I bought roots, and they were ass. So I am trying some seeds now. I also bought seeds for a giant redwood. I'm giddy! Some guy 30 minutes north of here has one which is 10' round. I can do it! I wanted to start from seed to make it more exciting. And some other really amazing plants. Will udpate later as they grow ;) This page will now become my gardening journal.. as it is my new phase :) I guess until August.. when everything is so hot I won't be able to go outside and will just let it all die. MWahahahaha!

Well, journal, be well. One day maybe I'll tell you what a prick my sister's husband is.. and what he's up to. Not sure it will mix in with my gardening info.. but it will sure make it more.. um.. lurid?


Monday, May 11, 2009


I called the police station to see what the results were for my brother's video hearing. And he was there in the cell waiting for his time. It was at 6:00, and he was still waiting. And I felt bad, because she said he was in the cell near her.. confirming he was there. I can't feel bad, it's his own stupid fault.. but I do. He's such a shit.

Oh well. Reason #1 that Alex is an only child :)

Brain Download

So, diary, the brother is in jail. I know it's a bad thing, but I'm glad.. I just hope he stays. We got the call last Wednesday that he wanted us to come and bail us out. "I left $500.00 in my car, and the bail is $500.00. Come and get me." So I called the police station, because if he had been arrested for an unpaid ticket or something I would have. But the lady explained that, "He crashed into a car and left the scene of the accident. We arrested him at his apartment but could not give him a DWI because he was no longer in the car." Of course. His luck amazes me. Thankfully it was a parked car and nobody was injured. He pleaded not guilty in his video court thingy on Friday, so today he had another video court. Hopefully when I call they will tell me what the results were, so I know if he's out and about or not. I know it's a shit thing to say, but I do hope they keep him. I was so angry when dad took him to get his car out of the impound as it is, we actually got into a fight over it. "He needs a car to work.." is his argument. He's dad, I get it, he wants his son to work it out. It's so sad really how his mood changes when we find out what Adrian is up to. But I know he's going to kill someone in that car one day, and it may not only be himself.

So while he was sober dad was trying to think of things to keep his mind occupied. They decided, with Mother's Day coming up, that Adrian could sell the teacup flower pots I made. lol. So they went to Wal-Mart and bought 20 of them and all the flowers to go in them. Sadly to say, I'm not stuck with 20 flower pots. I tried selling them at our CVS last week out of the Scion, and they chased me off. I'm just going to clean them and do a return at Wal-Mart. My sister is the queen of returns, she's going to help. I hate returning anything, makes me want to cry. Especially 15 or 16 pots. A couple sold, and I gave some away :)

We did go to my brothers car, to see if the idiot really did leave $500 in there. It was $320.. cash. I took it and gave it to my dad, as he owes him $600 anyway. Better we get it or it's towed while he's in jail. I know, cold hearted. Tack on all the bills for the foo-foo rehabs and multiple cars he has wrecked over the years... that $320 felt good :) After I return the pots he'll actually break even on the flower deal so it's a good thing.

Saw the cute Kia Soul the other day at the Dollar Tree. The lady caught me taking a picture. She was very excited, she had just picked it up that day :) Now if she could just get rid of the 2 bratty kids that got into the car with her.. I would have envied her for a moment :) But she blew it.

Mother's Day was very nice. Although it rained. Invited mom and step over for seafood pizza. Dad isn't feeling too good this week, so he had fun harassing them. Although my mother's flirting and reminiscing is starting to get a little nauseating. If she goes back to my dad, I have news for them... HE IS MOVING OUT!!! They can get their OWN little love bungalow. The other day she came over without my step, he was off doing something. She was in dad's room and they're all chatty-chatty for over an hour. Then the step came and said, "Ha! I caught you in your ex-husband's bedroom!".. and they all laughed. Freaks. If I catch them in a threesome... I am moving out!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


And playing with the dogger. He goes insane-o for his new bubble machine.


I bought the coolest tea cup flower pot at Wally World this week. I bought one for my mother for Mother's Day.. then had to get myself one also. Because I'm a spoiled child. And a photo of the salmon MrNV missed out on lastnight. Ha Haaaaaaaaa! My son's odd friend. They found the Hannah Montana shirt.. yeesh.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Getting screwed by Shutterfly

At the end of 2008 I bought a prepaid 10cents per photo card on Shutterfly. I have about 250 prepaid prints, there are 2 specials I purchased. Whatever, they hang onto the credit for a couple years. So I thought it would be cool to print all of the Senior photos I took for my friend's daughter as a gift. However, wallet sizes (there were only about 20 of those) were like 18 cents per page (4 per page) so they wanted to charge me for those. But the prints were 'free'.. since I already had a credit. And including shipping.. then wanted $89! That's basically me paying for only wallet photos and shipping.. regular shipping. WTF?! So I want to Sam's Club online, uploaded all the stuffs... and ordered a total of 333 photos. Cuz I can, so shut up. Included even more wallets... and only paid $47.30. That INCLUDES priority mail shipping, they wouldn't send the large order to the store I had to order them for delivery. But is that insane? Because that total includes all the photos, no credits. How the hell does that even work?! I can't even imagine what the total would have been had there been no credit with Shutterfly, there were about 230 prints I wasn't even being charged for. I got to splurge at Sams', and STILL saved money!

I tell you what. I love Sam's Club more and more every day. I don't care what people say... they save me money and I'm shallow like that :)

Polo ponies.

Holy cow. I hear now that all of those polo ponies that died were not killed intentionally. The pharmacy mixed their supplements incorrectly, and so all of the horses died of internal bleeding. That is so horrid. It's no wonder that my father checks all of his pills every time they are refilled. Too bad he has no idea about what I'm putting in his food... mwaahahahah!

Big jerk.

The lady up the street, who 'didn't have an affair' with her roofer... now has the roofer living with her. And he's a real turd. For example, it's pouring down rain right now. He is standing in front of the house with a big broom and is brushing all the sweet gum balls that are drifting down the current along his driveway. Nevermind that they are now collecting in huge mounds in front of his neighbors house.. and they are an elderly couple. He's such a dick. And nevermind that you can be fined for sweeping them into the drain. I get it, they're a pain in the ass.. but don't push the problem along to your neighbor. That's just rude. I can't say MrNV has never swept any into our drain, but the drain is at the edge of our driveway. He would never sweep them in front of the neighbors house.
And WHAT is it with the guy across the street? He mowed his lawn yesterday, and dumped all the clippings into mounds around his trees. C'mon. I don't mind tree-huggery things, but that seriously looks like shit. Why not just start throwing your trash out there too? I wish everyone was as perfect a neighbor as I am :) Bwaaaaaahaha! I'm going to pay the kids this weekend to bag up sweetgums and we're gonna dump them all in slutty-roofer's driveway! Yeahhhh!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Flippin' door nightmares

So the Mister is having work done on the house. Started with replacing siding and painting. We want to make the house a warmer color, other than the grey tone it is now. I made the mistake of reminding him that we wanted to replace the front door.. when he mentioned doing all the wood out there. Agg. So we have an amazing stained glass window above the front door. It's made of huge chunks of glass, it has to be no less than 6" thick. For some reason the previous owners put a huge piece of glass over it, and nobody notices it now because of the glare. So I have been whining to have the glass cover removed since we moved in. It's all going to be done at the same time. We're adding a more gutsy frame around it. So now it's the door. I don't know what I was thinking when I suggested we replace it. Mister thinks I have skill in photoshop and I've morphed at least 30 doors onto the house. He hates mine, I hate his.. and the ones we agree on.. we hate when we wake up the next day.

So this is a photo of the house today. And you can see how beautiful the window is from the inside, and I really wish all the colors were seen from the outside! And yes, we're having the bricks fixed on the wall so no bitching about that.

We really wanted something very antique and unique looking. We checked out a really amazing store downtown, but for just the single doors they wanted $700-$1000. And they needed work! Then someone sent us to a re-store kind of recycling place. Wow, amazing deals.. but no perfect door.

These are some of the options I eked out. Excuse the missing spiral in this photo, it was taken last Fall after it had died. In some I tried to fake a paint job, or add some trim. Whatever. Any votes out there in blogger land? If you hate them all... ZIP IT!

Piano Recital

Can't get Youtube to link the silly video, so here is Le Monkey banging on the piano.


Dear Journal :)

Had to kick out my brother Saturday night. Turns out he was sneaking in liquor in his Propel bottle. He was stumbling around the kitchen drunk, so out he went to sleep in his car. He left Sunday after sleeping it off. I'm sure he'll show up here again. He was asleep in the grocery store parking lot in our neighborhood lastnight. Yes, my dad paid for rehab 3 times and he also went to a state sponsored rehab. No, there is nothing we can do. He's 50.. when is he going to take responsibility for his own life? Ugh. My neighbors. I can only imagine the crap they're thinking.

Another friend called for money over the weekend. I picked her up and we sat at Sonic and I listened over a burger. Odd how people are broke, yet are putting up new garage doors and just had all of the rooms in their house painted. She only asked for $100, so that's all I gave her. She was crying and frantic on the phone, I have no idea what's going on. Her husband is laid off from Ford, but don't they still make 80% of their income or something? And I went by her house after, she wanted me to see the painted rooms. Her husband was as charming as usual, didn't even look away from his computer to say hello. Blah. Sometimes I wonder how some couples stay married.

On a positive note, Monkey did just fine at his recital Sunday. He was frustrated that the song was easy, so we're going to ask for something more challenging for the next recital. Poor kid :) So his name is now Maestro :)