Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I am ready for summer!!

But only because it is so much fun going to the pool with my insane son.. and his koo-koo father. Otherwise, I'm not too much into the HOT temperatures and crazy humidity here during the summer months. ACK!

Squirrel Lovin'...

I just like this photo, my sister took it over the summer on her back balcony. This squirrel is obsessed with her over-sized statue.. and visits often :)

Missing the Monkey today..

Today was my son's 1st grade class field trip. They went to a really fun children's center where they get to color and paint and do artsy things. Only 4 parents were able to go from each class.. and I lost the drawing :( I'm sort of obsessive and don't like him to go places unless I can at least watch from afar... he is only 6 you know! But, I plan on doing the same when he's allowed to go on his first date... when he's 30.

I took this photo in 1999, before I had a decent camera. The little devil :)

Sunday, January 29, 2006


And, of course, at times like this it makes me think of my own mother. She's 67, I took this photo of her and her cat just last summer. Love you mom :) And can you believe my Nana will be 91 in March?! Woo-Hoo!! And she's still just as feisty as ever!!

The little victim...

And of course, other than just family, there are other victims to take into consideration when someone dies. We have now assumed custody of this little devil dog :) OK, so he's an angel. But I'm a big dog person. I have a yellow lab, and black lab mix. I don't even know what to do with this midget of an animal, coming in at only 4 pounds. My black lab is determined he's a chew toy. So here he sits, on my desk safe from the other 2 predators in the house. And yes, he is wearing a diaper. Can you believe he's 4 and was never house trained??! So now that he is peeing in every corner, my other dogs feel the need to keep up. They are ALL wearing diapers until they knock it off!! I didn't even know they made doggie diapers. It's hilarious just to see all these dogs walking around with them on. I think I did it just to cheer the place up a bit.

A reason to get started..

My Mother-In-Law died a little over a week ago, unexpectedly. She was only 62, and died in her sleep. Unfortunately her husband didn't find her for 3 days, and that has made everything even more traumatic. You know the saying, that there are things you can't un-see. It is a shocking discovery to find the love of your life dead at 3:30 in the morning, when you are actually hoping to surprise them by coming home early. And my poor husband, waking up to his frantic father knocking on our front door. My husband's brother died just short of 2 years ago, so it has been a really dark time for him. So perhaps this is my tiny little memorial to them, and their crazy love affair which spanned over 45 years. God Bless you Karen. You will be missed, but we will never forget you. The photo is one they took while they were dating. They looked so happy.

This is a test. I'm checking to see if I am smart enough to make this work. I doubt it :)