Friday, November 30, 2007

Dream Log

I haven't thought about the dream much that I had lastnight, because it was bad. One of those when you wake up you feel anxious and freaked out. For some reason MrNV was going to Vegas and I was going along. Also my sister, and some 3rd person but I don't know who they were. To save money on the cost of the flight, he was going to put us each in a wooden box and ship us. ?? I just couldn't understand why he was going to do that and he wouldn't explain. I kept telling him that we could just pay for the airfare... nope.

The boxes were more like caskets really. But not nice ones. They made them to size, so there was no room for movement once you were in them. There were sharp edges and nails sticking out. My sister kept explaining over and over and over that the trip was 9 hours and that we wouldn't be able to move for that entire time. No bathroom, no water, no food... arms stuck at your side. And no pillow. I kept thinking to myself, "At least can't I have a pillow?". And we weren't even flying, but MrNV and his Uncle were driving a moving truck.. and our 3 boxes were in the back. WHAT was the point?

I remember waking up short of breath and really pissed at MrNV. I think he apologized, but he's still not forgiven :)


I remember our family watching Mr. Evel Knievel and his daring stunts :) He rocked. He died today at the age of 69. Much sadness. Imagine the stunts he will take on in Heaven! Woo-hoo!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Cuteness :)

Sirdar posted this really cute story. At first I thought he was serious.. but that's only because I'm mentally challenged.

Click HERE for adorable :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Pink Floyd - The Great Gig in the Sky (1988)

OK. Even better version. I have goosebumps now :)

The great gig in the sky

One of my favorite things in the world. We got to see Pink Floyd in concert, the last one at Arrowhead Stadium. We were center in VIP seating, with our own restroom! One of my favorite memories ever.. and I love this song.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


OK, this movie preview is not suitable for the kiddies. But seriously, who comes up with stuff like this???? AHAHAHAHAHAHH!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Pleeeease....Don't Squeeze the Charmin

Sadly Mr. Whipple died today. He was 91. ..sigh..

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I had some photos to upload. Things I've been taking pictures of but I haven't had time to blog.. so here's a bit of a catch-up!

-My bad angled typical Myspace stupid photo.. but whatever.. from Halloween. Love the horns :) They are hair clips, and so easy to put in. Versus those ones with strings. I thought I put a lot of make-up on, but GirlNextDoor thought I should wear more make-up more often :) I buried her in the yard. The sun was bright in that photo, so you can't really tell. Yes, I only had one tattoo. I ruined the other one by putting it on backwards. Shut up.
-Stuff we picked from the garden before the frost killed em'. My mother wanted the green tomatoes. Not sure what she did with them. And I have no idea what the huge green thing is.
-Birthday cake my brother and sister made for mumsie. I took her to a haunted house.. isn't that what all kids do? Ask her next year what she remembers from her last birthday.. and it will be the haunted house :) You know, with the elderly you have to shock memories into them or they forget ;)
-Cake, with candy corn, my mother made for us. Dots on the cake represent the cat hairs.. just the ones noticeable in the photo. As usual, we didn't eat it.
-My demon dogs greeting me :)
And that's about it :)

It was MrNV's birthday Saturday, but he went to Las Vegas. I know, work. Sure. Whatever. I think that even brass pole inspectors should get days off now and then. But he's 41 now. BWAHAHH! Yes, I know, I turn 40 in February. Don't remind me or I will have you killed.

And no, I can't get the photos to line up properly. Sorry. The only thing I hate MUCH about blogger is how jacked up photos become when you upload them.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bustin' a tune..

I'm sad that uploading this vide turned it to crap.. as far as video quality. I need to figure out how to host my own videos.. cuz it's now a bunch-o-blurry kids singing Hot Cross Buns :) But Monkey is rockin' the xylophone...yo!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

H is for ...

Helicopter: Today there was some par-tay at a cigar shop. They said on the radio that they would have a big heli land, so we went to check it out. Two hours after it was supposed to arrive... voila!

Handsome: Of course .. the pilot was cute and daughter of GirlNextDoor wouldn't stop asking him to marry her.

Hooters: Can you believe I actually had to bribe these boys to get into this shot? Lame.

Havin' Fun: While waiting Monkey had a lot of fun playing frisbee with some other people that were waiting.

Handbags: Bought a new faux Chanel bag today :) ..giggle.. But it is SO cute!