Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Police

I'm speechless :) I had heard that The Police were going to open for The Grammy's on 2/11. But it's just sinking in that they're actually going to go on tour. I've seen Sting in concert.. and that was amazing. I caught Pink Floyd.. and Rush. But The Police? I could die happy. I hope they at least tour in the US. I guess I better start pricing tickets to the UK quickly :)

Monday, January 29, 2007

Too young???

I'm not sure how I feel about this story. I feel sympathy for the little boy, but I seriously believe this type of decision can wait until you're an adult? It doesn't mention, but I sincerely hope they didn't do the surgery and that it was only the hormone treatments. This just seems so extreme to me. You can read more details here. He did turn out really cute :) I dunno. It would be fun to have a little girl. The clothes are so much more fun! I'll have a chat with Monkey when he gets home.

Magic Monkey

Monkey was fooling around the other night, showing me his magic trick. Please excuse MrNV at the end, I'm not sure how to crop videos yet from my digital camera. But I thought this was funny. You may not notice, he had a coin between his fingers at the beginning.. and it vanishes. He's the next great magician :) Maybe Penn and Teller will give him a job :)

Not so stealth

I think Hasenfeffer is certain I don't see him stealing my salad. I must look pretty dumb :) And excuse the mess on my desk. It's a never-ending job just to try to keep the surface visible.

It's funny when he falls asleep in his cage. Mouth gaping open, he looks like he has been out partying all night and just passed out.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Don't like Sundays.

I have never really liked Sunday much. It's such a lame day of the week. I can't just crawl out of bed and go somewhere to scrounge up breakfast, because everyone has been to church and is dressed to the t's. And I drive by all of the churches, parking lots flowing over, and remember what a heathen I am and how I most likely have a 1 way ticket to Purgatory. And shopping is crap, all the straights are out doing their Sunday shopping en masse. So I wait... hovering in the background... and then realize... IT'S SUNDAY AND EVERYONE CLOSES EARLY! So I basically accomplish nothing. Which is OK, because I can do it on MONDAY when all the straights are at work. Pfft.

So Monkey had a friend over today, and I actually crashed this afternoon. I don't remember the last time I took an afternoon nap? Unless I was running a fever. And it was great. I think I slept from 2 to 4. Eventually MrNV came to check on me, "You OK?" Waking me from my dream, which I now can't remember. But that means I was sleeping well, so that's great. When MrNV and I first moved in together, we loved sleeping all day on Sunday. His dad would call non-stop, "Going to church? Where are you? Why aren't you at church?"... snicker. And for you pervs, I don't mean 'sleeeeping - wink wink nudge nudge' all day.. I really mean just laying about being no good at all for anything. We lived in a 3rd floor apartment, and one day discovered that the cars outside actually reflected on the ceiling of our bedroom. We kept hoping someone would leave, and when they did we could see them walking to the car.. opening the door and driving off. It was the strangest thing ever. We even had the curtains closed. We never figured it out. Ach well. Then you have kids, and everything changes. You have to get up, because they're up. If you don't, they'll open the front door and let anybody in. They open the back door, and let all the dogs run free. He'll make cereal and eat it on the living room floor, and if the dog isn't gone he'll help himself. Milk and sticky Cheerios will be everywhere, including the couch. Once I woke up and he was outside playing. ONCE.

I did manage to go to Chipotles with Monkey and order up a late lunch. Yes, I pronounce it Chip-ol-tay's, because I'm illiterate and I can. Otherwise I mumble through the entire thing. I really enjoy their carnitas burrito, but I cut it open on a plate like a science project and eat the innards with chips. It's the proper European way, I promise. And at the bottom of my chip bag? A green M-n-M. I'm not sure what it meant, but I felt sorta violated. Like when you find a hair in your food? But maybe not as gross as a hair, but still something which really shouldn't have been there.. and you know there is a story. A bit disturbing.

So tomorrow is Monday. Tuesday I'm getting new furniture, we're so giddy. We bought our current couch when we were married in 1994. It's almost like an Anniversary present now that I think on it, since the 19th is our Anniversary. 13 years. Egads. Better yet, we moved in together in 1987. He should get a trophy, because I am seriously insane. My whole family is. I'm certain it's why he travels so much now :) Fucker.

Oh well. Just typing out mundane Sunday stuff.. because Sunday is so mundane. Growing up I used to work every Sunday. And by work, I mean work my ass off. We had a restaurant, and on Sunday we had a very popular buffet. You talk about child labor. But I would do it again :) I met a lot of great and interesting people working there. But I did hate 'peeling' the strawberries. We had crates and crates of strawberries, and I had to pluck the little green leaves and stem part out. It would take me days to get all of the stain from under my small child nails. And I was embarrassed when I had to go out and help in the front area.. I would hide my hands. And don't get me started on the days when I started serving.. I was about 14. Well, younger when I would be bus girl. Plenty of people had drinks dumped on them :)


I'm old.
Bunny is eating an apple.
Monkey and dog-beasts are sleeping.
MrNV is out partying with strippers most likely.
I hope y'all have a great week :) C'mon Monday!!

PS- The image is of my silly neighbor coming down to battle MrNV with our Light Sabers last week. We were waiting for Monkey's bus to arrive. I think she kicked his ass :) It was the Karate Kid moves that did it :)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Treasure Island 3

Finally.. the explosions. Monkey loved it :)

Treasure Island 2

Yet another video of the TI show. Because I know you love it :)

Treasure Island

I completely forgot to post these videos of Treasure Island in Las Vegas, NV. I kept telling Monkey that it was an awesome pirate show.. he was around 3 the last time we went. But.. the show has CHANGED :) There were tons of people there, and a lot of the people I could hear were not impressed. Not that I'm a snob or bore :) But they were all toting their kids along like me :) But.. ya know.. Monkey didn't mind the show TOO much :) I did ask our cab driver if many people comment on it at all, and he said a lot of people complain that they don't like the new show as much. I guess Las Vegas isn't aiming at family vacations anymore.

A bit frosty

It's a tad bit cold outside today, so I'm goofing off with my blog. I was tired of the dots. And the eyes. But I'm curious if someone could tell me, does the full image of Monkey and the 'Welcome' sign appear at the top? I have a wide screen, and the new template adjusts. So I'm wondering if you have a normal screen, if it lops off the right side.

By the way, I don't like basketball. I just don't. I never really got into it before, other than I really liked this tall guy when I was a girl, and he was the best player on our team. Could be because he was like 10' tall and had facial hair in middle school :) But then the team leader of the girls bball team Michelle took him from me. Oh well. But it's really a bit too insane for me. In watching the game, they are basically just grabbing the ball from each other like a bunch of spoiled bratty kids that want what you have. And I just don't like it. Just had to get that out there.

Oh well, off to do dishes. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. We're going to see Epic Movie tonight, because we're just mental midgets like that. Bad parents. Mental midgets. All of it.. but we accept it. Monkey talked us into watching Barnyard lastnight.. it's so cute! We really enjoyed it. Great kiddie movie.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Get Well Blu Schmoo

Blu, Monkey has been asking about you. We all hope you're doing better! You need to knock off this sick stuff. How can we be mean to you if you're sick? We do have standards, you know. Not a lot, but a few.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager (episode 2)

OK OK, I like this one too :) The beginning is very funny.

Now.. must... get... to... worrrrkkkk...

Chad Vader: Episode 3

I think this one is my favorite. It's after he is demoted to night shift. AHAHAH :)

Chad Vader - Episode 1

Ahhaha! So silly! There are a few episodes. It's Darth's brother! Working at a grocery store. I love it :)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Never Never done it..

Paula Abdul made this statement over the weekend:

"I’m the only female. I’m the empathetic one. I’m the artist. I’m the pinata. I’ve never been drunk in my life. I don’t do recreational drugs. I’ve been in this business 20 years (and) never had to weather the storm of publicity, controversy. It’s this show. … I love it, but it’s often daunting.”

Which makes me think, based on Paula's definition of 'never'.. what have you NEVER done? I've never had sex, never eaten chocolate and never ever cussed. S'true.

Oh.. Regis.

Sometimes I have to wonder, is Regis really just that silly? To me, he's sort of a male version of my naive older sister. He's on the show interviewing some guy from Prison Break, and his screen name is 'Teabag'. And he just keeps saying 'Teabag'.. and it's killin' me. So they just went to break, and the guy was getting ready to explain to him what it meant. ...sigh.. But I don't know, I sort of enjoy him saying it if he really doesn't know what it means.

Sort of like the time I almost convinced my father to go to Office Max and ask where the 'email paper' was. AHAH!

Or convincing my sister that she really did need a big rainbow sticker for the rear window of her car.

OK, Regis is back.. he looks a bit perturbed. When it came back from commercial.. he was walking across the screen and sitting down. Did he just go and lecture one of his flunkies for not telling him to not REPEATEDLY and with GREAT JOY say 'Teabag' all morning. Bet you he doesn't say it again...

waiting... nope.
Oops, back to commercial. That was abrupt.
No, never said it again before the show ended. And seriously, if you compare his silly happy pre-commercial demeanor to the after commercial angry Regis look... I know someone got into HUGE trouble back stage!

This is the only reason I love to watch these shows in the morning. Just like the time Rosie was going ON AND ON AND ON about how Barbara's home was like a museum. And how Rosie serves mac-n-cheese on paper plates.. but surely Barbara requires name cards and proper china. And Barbara trying to defend herself. It was a beautiful magnificent piece of television. The look Barbara was giving her? Rosie is so fortunate that Babawa hasn't perfected her Firestarter capabilities yet! It was like my birthday and Christmas all wrapped up into one 30 second bundle. I just can't wait for the day Barbara jumps over the table and claws her eyes out. It will ROCK!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Landspeeder Sled :)

I remember being a kid, and playing in the snow. I loved it. And it didn't matter how cold I would get, I hated the thought of having to go inside. My feet, hands and face would be bright red from the cold. My clothes wet and starting to freeze up.. but I still carried on :) And of course I was never dressed properly. I would be at work with my parents, and usually in a dress. But by nightfall, I was out in the back parking lot digging away. The snow removal guys would shove all of the snow into one corner, creating a huuuuge mountain of icy fun. I would take the great big ice scoop from our ice machine (the restaurant kind, and my dad would get super annoyed) and I would dig tunnels forever. It was awesome! But now, as a parent, I'm all, "It's time to go in now, it's cold! You're wet, and cold, and turning into an ice cube!" Of course he didn't want to head home until he was completely miserable. I remember those days :)

But he had a lot of fun playing in the snow today. We caught up with some of his friends at a nearby hill, and they all tried very hard to kill each other. We also filled up his Landspeeder raft, which we use for the pool, to see if it would make a great sled. Not so much, but it was really soft and it didn't whack you in the face when you crashed. Or anyone else for that matter. I posted 2 videos of them sledding on YouTube. If you like, you can view them HERE and HERE.

Very groovy.

I was playing with my camera, taking photos of the snow. It's almost like a sky of stars! It's beautiful! And huge chunky flakes!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Antiques Roadshow

It's snowing. Meh. And so I clicked on the tube, and Antiques Roadshow is on. I enjoy watching, in case someday anything I own actually ages enough to have value. Pfft. And they were talking about a beautiful old wooden bowl, unusually large at about 24" in length. Burlwood. And it's worth about $40K at auction. Which just blows my mind, but I'm simple. I admit, it's lovely and I am fascinated with the history as it is from the 1800's. I wish sometimes I could touch something and know its entire history.. that would be amazing. But do you think that the individual that carved it that long ago had ANY idea that it would be worth so much someday? I find that hilarious.

So this afternoon the Monkey, one of his friends and I went to paint pottery. Warm indoor stuff to do on a snowy day. And do you think that someday someone will pay $40K for my creation? I can hear the antique specialist now, "Oh my! This is SOOOO rare! A hand painted ceramic flower pot! LOOK at the detail! Just so amazing! Thank you so much for just bringing it in and giving us all the opportunity to look at it!"

AAAAAAAHAHAH! Absofreakin'lutely!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

ぐうたらパンダ panda

This is how I feel most mornings, the 2nd Panda.

Lightsaber Battle

The things we nerds do for fun :) This is Monkey Boy and MrNV .. of course Monkey Boy is on the Dark Side :)

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Monkey .. video-eth :)

Just click here.. you know you want to. MoNkEy thinks he is that creature from ... well, I can't think of the movie name. If you can guess it.. you get a blog cookie :) He's all excited I finally figured out how to hook up the video camera so he can make mhooooviessss.

Memories of Beyonce..

I remember the first time I really took the time to figure out who Beyonce was. I was watching some award show pre-show, and Joan Rivers was being annoying.. but she interviewed this beautiful girl in a gorgeous gown. Feminine, glamorous.. little petite embroidered flowers. It was almost prom-ish, but beautiful. And I thought, "Wow, she's gorgeous. And so graceful."

But I'm no longer impressed. Especially after catching this photo on DListed of what she wore to the Golden Globes tonight. Seriously. If you're going out clubbing and want to bring home a bevy of beefcake.. then by all means, dress this way. But if you want to impress the masses... no. She's basically one of those slutty back-up dancers now. Not that I mean to sound old, but they really do look like porn stars. Which is fine.. if that's the look you're going for. I just expected more from her I guess. Ach well.
Weren't those porn star awards this week in Vegas? Maybe she forgot which show she was going to.
THEN or NOW???... as MK would say :)


Did I tell you Cornell has a MySpace? Since BunnyGirl has started her own MySpace, she's such a nerd, I remembered (cuz I'm old) and went to his site again. Turn your sound up!!!

Now that you have a man that likes to go out, we have to check out his schedule and go watch him!! Even MrNV enjoyed going to watch him play, and you know THAT is a miracle!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Comet McNaught ... y?? :)

If you have sunny skies .. you really should check this out;
Comet McNaught is now visible in broad daylight. "It's fantastic," reports Wayne Winch of Bishop, California. "I put the sun behind a neighbor's house to block the glare and the comet popped right into view. You can even see the tail!" Just hours ago, Mark Vornhusen took this picture of the comet between clouds over Gais, Switzerland.
This weekend is a special time for Comet McNaught because it is passing close to the sun. Solar heat is causing the comet to vaporize furiously and brighten to daylight visibility. At magnitude -4 to -5, McNaught is the brightest comet since Ikeya-Seki in 1965. The secret to seeing McNaught in broad daylight: Get rid of the sun! Stand in the deep shadow of a building or billboard. Make a fist and hold it at arm's length. The comet is about one fist-width (5 degrees) east of the sun. Try it! (SOURCE)

Green Tea Latte

So it's cold. Cold. Not as cold as everyone is making it out to be (it isn't windy), or I'm having hot flashes, but it's cold enough. Had to go and buy some bunny supplies, so I buzzed through the Starbucks drive-thru. Only because I can, and it seem so insane to now have a coffee drive-thru. I'm not a coffee drinker, so I thought I'd try some warm alternative. I know I like the carmel apple thing, so I got a small one of those as my 'safety'. Tall? Short? Whatever stupid name the size has. And then as my test, I tried the green tea latte. Holy shyte. And I'm a tea lover, and any kind of hot tea basically. But if you were to boil spinach for about 12 hours and then puree' the spinach and leave the water and spinach all mixed together.. pour in some milk and put it in a Starbuck's cup? That's a Green Tea Latte. Nhoooo thanks. I'm so glad I got my safety carmel apple hot thingy! Yeeow! And I even drank half of it, thinking perhaps my taste buds were just being as bitchy as I am. Just didn't pan out. And there is a green foam and dark green foreign objects in the foam just to keep it exciting for you. Seriously, it's nauseating to smell. It smells like spinach souffle', but without the cheese and it doesn't taste good.

So, there's my suggestion du jour.. avoid the Starbuck's Green Tea Latte! Or save yourself $3something and just follow the recipe above!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Feeling Bi-psychotic...

I know that there aren't any male person's out there that will understand this, so just go away. But man, am I feeling unstable lately. I cry at commercials, and am feeling completely frustrated about everything. I'm certain my son thinks I'm a total bitch of a mom, although he is already very smart in the ways-of-women and would deny it. But I don't know how to get out of my funk. I just went on vacation for craptastic sake, and I'm still bitchy? I watch happy ending kids movies with my son, and cry. "MOM!!".. and he turns off the TV. My neighbors come over and insuate I'm a dog beater, and I cry the rest of the night. Calling poor MrNV balling my eyes out at what a horrible person I am that even my DOOOggggg doesn't want to spend time with me.. and he laughs at me. Fucker. And now I'm tired of talk shows. I like to listen to them when I'm working, but all these asses are ON AND ON AND ON about losing weight. Fuckin' January. And those over-talking loud-mouthed hags (The View incase I wasn't clear enough) had one woman that had lost weight like normal people.. diet and exercise. So I was intrigued. But it's all about, "Did you hate the negative comments and starrrresssss when you were FHAAAATTTTTTTT?!?!?".. spit spit... and I'm like.. what?? I'm a little fatty, am I getting stares? Are people talking about me behind my back? Because they smile AT me. Oh WAIT A MOMENT.. that's because I SMILE AT THEM! Duh! And I'm so tired of these people going ON and ON about how everyone is talking shit about you behind your back because you're a little fatty... are you serious? Unless you're a movie star, nobody gives a shyte! Or unless you're sitting next to them on a plane, or you stole the last donut at the all-you-can-eat buffet.. WHO CARES! And I'm so tired of these skinny bitches putting on these 'fat suits' for a day, and then crying on national TV about how horridly they were treated. It makes me so ANGRY! Take a fuckin' pill! You already HAD issues! One part of the footage she was walking along the road, all dressed in black looking like a serial killer. I'da given her a freakish look too, and then grabbed my son and ran. It's not that she was fat, it's that she was acting like a freak! Portly ballerina's like myself don't act like that. We're happy. We're happy little portly people, and when you smile at someone.. they will usually smile back. Or they're a jackoff, and then who cares what they think about you?

So my point, other than I'm depressed and they're NOT helping... if you're a plump girl.. stop listening to these Hollyweird bitches. They have Paparazzi following them around all day calling them 'fat' and 'ho's' and they have no idea what reality is all about. And some 6'2" model wearing a fatty suit is just retarded. I can tell you myself, I'm a fatty. Other than my own personal demons, nobody treats me with disrespect. I come from a family of chubby Swiss chefs and pastry lovers, and nobody treated them with disrespect EITHER. I stand up straight and smile at people.. and that's what it's all about :) Love yourself baby, and don't listen to Rosie O'Donnell because she's an insane neurotic loud mouth! Just one girl's little ol' opinion. Oh, and the photo is Monkey and I in Vegas.

OH! And UPDATE, the perky girl asking some guy on the street for help for information.. he helped her. Yet the angry looking portly girl acting anti-social asking for help.. of course nobody helped her! Because she looked like she was going to start yelling at you! It's all in the attitude, right? I don't want to talk to a skinny angry girl, either! Yet these reporters go on and on about how it's because she was fffahhhhhhtttttt... spit spit... and nobody helps ffhhaaaattttt people! Give me a break. I put one hand on my back, one on my stomach and get that look of pregnancy pain, there will be 20 people on the phone to 911, they'll wash and detail my van AND send my son to college!!! BWWWAHHAHAH! It's all how you play it, baybee! AHAHAHAH!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Monkey Bloggeth.. again

Typed this out earlier with the monkey. He can't wait for HEROES to come back on. C'mon January 22nd :) And no translations for you bitches bitchin' :) Or is that bitchin' bitches? Whatever. Bitches.

Click HERE to read his blog.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Monkey Bloggeth

Monkey wanted to post today, I managed to save it as a draft instead of publishing it. So, I thought I'd warn y'all that he was ramblin' again :) He has some pictures he wants me to scan, so I'll do that WHEN I GET THE TIME! :) Well, after I'm done beating his DOG! :) Where is my stick?!!?

You can read his blog HERE.

Screw the Dog Whisperer

I'm completely and totally just fed up today. I really am. I'm trying to be positive, but it just isn't panning out. And MrNV being out of town for over a week is really not improving my demeanor at all. I'm not a single parent, not good at it and don't want to do it. Monkey gets upset when MrNV is out of town, and I don't blame him. But I'm really just generally pissed off at Roscoe the dog. I'm not a bad person, I've had dogs all my life. My parents were dog people. Growing up, I had a Great Dane puppy and raised him. He was my best pal, he would sleep on my bottom bunk and just be around me all day. If I went to play in the woods, he went to play with me. If I sat in the front yard, he sat with me. I loved that dog. And when MrNV and I moved in together, we bought Ivan at the shelter. A mix, and older dog. He had heartworms actually, but they hadn't tested him yet so he was lucky.. or they would have put him to sleep. Unlucky us, as we were broke, but coughed up the $300 for the treatment anyway. And that crazy boy lived for many years, and was another amazing pet. After he passed, we adopted Tara. She was about 2, and was a basic puppy type of dog. But she never ran away? Seriously. She would wander, but when you called her she came. We took Ivan and Tara on trips (different times, of course) and they were so much fun to have around. NEVER ran off in Colorado or other places. But Roscoe, I am at my wits end. Tonight was the frosting on the cake, with 2 of my neighbors that I don't know bringing him home.. and he was afraid to come in the front door. What have I done that is so horrible that my dog doesn't want to be here? He belonged to someone else before us, they had him for a year. They returned him for being 'rude'.. which I didn't understand. But our vet had to call them one day.. the scanner chip # was still registered to them, and it turns out he was an escape artist and they gave up after a year. He would take the dog jogging with him, and yet he still wanted to run away all the time. And this is the same problem we have. And it's 2 dogs in a row now. When we chase after him, he runs further.. and towards dangerous areas. This is what killed Rocky, so we try not to chase Roscoe. But they came to the door basically lecturing me on how they don't want to see him get hurt. And I do? What do I do when I have children running through the house and leaving doors open everywhere? And why doesn't the dog want to play with them.. instead of immediately hurdling the fence? And they're all, "Well, he's such a loving and sweet dog. And we have so much fun with him. And we just don't want him to get hurt. Can we arrange play dates for him and our dog?". And I'm done. Here are 'doggy play date' kind of people standing at my door judging me because my dog hates to be in my home. He won't sleep with our son, he sneaks down to the door in the middle of the night and stays there. We tried the electric fence thingy, didn't phase him. Purchased a remote collar so when he does run away, we could chase him and try to keep him from running... nope. And he really is a nice dog in the house. He's funny, and social. Except when he runs away, because he knows I'm mad. But it's not like I beat him with a stick? I yell at him, I've smacked him on the nose and told him he's BADDDDD! But not like skull fracture smack, just that annoying thump.

I'm just incredibly pissed off. I'm not a bad person. I'm not a dog freak, I don't lick my dogs face and sniff his butt. But I'm nice to him? And I pet him. And I enjoy his company, and feel safer knowing I have a dog in the house. And Monkey tries to play with him, but unless they're inside he runs off. Then Monkey gets upset because he thinks the dog hates him. I just don't know what to do. There is enough stress in life without tacking on a dog that doesn't want to be around. And then my neighbors treating me like some sort of dog abuser. I thought they were pack animals? Are dogs at the homeless shelters these days because they all want to run away?? Are there no loyal dogs anymore?

Saturday, January 06, 2007


OK, so it was Monkey's first actual BBall game today. And they weren't slaughtered, can you believe it? The boy has no clue what he's doing out there, and it's fun to watch. I know, I should be YELLING at him and making him practice for HOURS and HOURS. Pfft. He's learning, and I yell at him for enough stuff already :)
Monkey is #2 in the back, in the teal shirt and black shorts. And yes, I had to scrunch his socks down because he put on MrNV's and I didn't notice until we were en route. Not that I EVER know where his are. It's amazing. I think he eats them. They tied, 8 to 8. Better than those craptastic Chiefs. I hate them now. There is a HUGE difference between losing.. and SUCKING! My son could play better! Oops.. dropped it. Oops, can't get it between those 2 sticky things at ONE yard! I'm quitting football. It's all ballet from here on out.

It's just too early..

I hate waking up early on a Saturday. It should be illegal. Next Saturday I have to get up at 6:30, and I can guarantee you, someone is going to suffer the consequences :) But, I thought I'd check to make sure there were no horrible stories from overnight and pulled up FOX news. The first headline reads, "Blizzard drops eight feet of snow on Colorado, heads toward Kansas where thousands remain without power". And I PASTED that.... so that it would read exactly as I see it. And was in awe.. 8 FEET?!?!? Holy bananas! But then when I clicked on the story, it was actually 8 inches. Pfft. I mean, I'm glad it wasn't 8 feet, but that WOULD have been freakin' impressive! And I know Sirdar, that's prolly nothin' to you guys :) But that's getting a little close to my unusually balmy 50's weather. However, I do miss a good snow storm.

Friday, January 05, 2007

To cheer up SBS :)

I know I have posted these photos before, but I thought SBS would find some humor in it. And would you believe I actually gave Monkey Boy the chicken pox? I was 33 or something. Who gets that crap in their 30's?! I wanted to die. I didn't take a photo of my face, but I wouldn't leave the house for the longest time. People thought perhaps MrNV had killed me and buried me in the chimney. Lucky for him, I still answered the phone :) Monkey was one miserable little boy I tell ya. But I'm glad he's had it now.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I just never knew...

Did you know there is a USB turntable available now? So that people with a huge collection of vinyl records can now transfer them to MP3. That is pretty groovy. Not that I have any records, but I just assumed they would eventually become obsolete... or rapper fodder for scratchin'! :) Oh well. Just had to document my new discovery :) Mainly because I am old and I forget quickly. ...sigh...

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


and to clarify why we don't love MrNV :) While Monkey and I were enjoying a nice quiet evening at home.. he was in VEGAS bringing in the New Year :) I know, it was sort of for 'work' but he was at Caesars Palace and got to see a few of the celebs arriving at Club Pure. "I don't know who any of them are, but there are a lot of paparazzi around." Such a waste :) Although he was quite certain he didn't see Britney, she was the host of their New Year's Eve party. He laughed that all of the girls were wearing their highest heels, shortest skirts and jiggliest tops.. and all the guys looked like thugs, un-shaven in jeans and sloppy shirts.

Which brings me to my Friday :) On Friday afternoon I went to Andre's Confiserie Suisse with my father. Andre's has been a sort of mental addiction for me since childhood, and my father knew Andre' and Marcel. They sell amazing pastries, and should be outlawed. But I owed the ladies at the bank a cake and pastries... and that was my EXCUSE to go :) So pere picked up Monkey and I and we cruised through our Country Club Plaza area en route to Andre's. And this is all I heard... please insert Swiss accent: "Fuckin' jeans. All I see are fuckin' jeans. Why do these assholes come to the Plaza to shop.. for more fuckin' jeans? Look at all of these assholes. Not ONE of them is wearing anything other than jeans. Why don't they just shop at Wal-Mart if all they're going to wear is fuckin' jeans." And this went on for about 20 minutes. Of course, his daughter is sitting next to him in jeans. ..sigh.. BUT, I was not shopping on the Plaza!! An upscale area with designer stores. I guess it was a bit ironic, all of these beautiful windows filled with designer dresses and suits.. and rif-raf roaming the streets in jeans :) But it really was hilarious. And Monkey just laughs his ass off when he's around Grumpa D, because he's just so .. um .. poetic :)

More Vegas..

Earlier I posted a ton of photos from Vegas, and talked about the 'Star Trek Experience' at the Hilton. Much nerd fun :) We had these photos created. When you arrive at the ride, they quickly snap photos of you .. without telling you why.. and then they sell these in the gift shop area. We didn't get one for MrNV. Not sure why, other than we're basically just mean to him :)

Monkey got to hang with Captain Kirk, and I have always wanted to be assimilated! AHAH! Resistance is FuTiLE!! The whole Borg look is actually an improvement for me :)