Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year - Bitches!

Monkey Boy and I would like to wish everyone a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve! Please be careful out there in the world of crazy! I'm sure MrNV would too, but he's back in Vegas. Would you believe he was offered 2 free tickets to Prince yesterday.. and turned them down? Ass. Because he was 'working'. Nobody works in Vegas, I'm not sure who he thinks he's fooling. Fool.

We hope you all have the most amazing 2007!!!! And maybe it will be a more peaceful year, and perhaps everyone will get along a little better. Prolly not, but I have to add that in there for extra points :)



that's some funny shyte right tharrr!!!


Thank you to Odd for posting the link. That's really cute!

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Blu the carnivore...

Lastnight I finally got to meet the mystery that is Blu. What a great guy! I'm so happy for Chal I could cry :) He actually speaks, and speaks.. well, OK, he never shuts up. BWAHAH! Just kidding, but her ex.. I'm not sure we ever had any sort of long conversations. Or that he ever felt the need to say, "We need to get together more!". It was a great time, and kudos to Blu for going as I know he was tired. He spent the day around town with his parents, and then was still up to a dinner and movie with the evil friend of Chal and the Monkey Boy. MrNV was out of town, but was happy to hear he's a great guy! Oh, and we went to see 'Night at the Museum', and it was hilarious. I think he just might laugh louder than my husband. We'll all have to go together and see how that goes :) Monkey kept asking him if he was in the show HEROES. He thought he looked like one of them, just couldn't put his finger on it. Most likely the cheerleader :)

He said I can't embarass him no matter what I do, so I posted this photo out of spite :) BWAHAHAH! Welcome to town, Blu!! I'm so happy that Chal is happy, FINALLY! And I'm sure you will be the subject of much more abuse for a long time to come on this blog :)

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Vegas Baybee!

I'm going to try to work my way around silly blogger, but will keep this short as I'm completely annoyed now. These are some of the photos from our trip, I of course took over 1 million. It's what I do :) We had a great flight out, and passed the storms headed to Colorado.

We stayed at Caesar's Palace, it was beautiful. The entire hotel was decked out with poinsettias and garland, and those little holly berry bushes I believe? It was beautiful.

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?? Well, unless you blog about it :) We abused the buffet at the Rio our first night, and I couldn't resist photographing the desserts. What is the Italian name for that ice cream? That's what they called the ice cream, one is chocolate the other hazelnut. A lemon meringue tart, two chocolate truffle thingies, fruit with cheesecake in a chocolate cup and crepes Suzette I believe? I really liked the blackberry and raspberry in the fruit cup, they were HUGE!

I had fun playing with the camera getting shots of all the lights. On the left is of course the Paris casino, our friends stayed there. He paid to take his 2 kids to see Cirque de Soliel, and they thought it was 'silly'. I could cry. We bought tickets for my father-in-law and his woman for Christmas, but since there was so much to do we didn't go ourselves. Had Monkey said it was 'silly' I woulda kicked him. I hate when teens are trying to be cool. Grr. And the guy on the right was standing outside of the Bellagio casino watching the fountains. I couldn't resist photographing him, and his HELLO KITTY backpack? Seriously now??!

I'm not very cultured and had no idea that if you add a big bottle of bath bubbly to a bath which has jacuzzi jets... that it creates chaos. Whoops :) But Monkey loved it, so that's all that counts. Of course he had to take a shower after his bath, just to get rid of all of the bubbles! But the cleaning ladies put more bottles of bubble in our room each day, so doesn't that mean chaos is welcome?? :) And WHO puts polished marble on a bathroom floor? It was like a skating rink each time someone took a shower. That's just insanity.

The pools were heated, but not very effectively. Monkey was determined to swim though, so we went on down. There were only 2 other children in the pool, and the occasional person walking around. It's a shame, too, such a beautiful area. MrNV jumped in for a while, but eventually gave in. He couldn't get dressed fast enough when he got out of the pool. It was funny.

Monkey would check daily to see if anyone was using the topless pool. He thought it was funny, and I think he didn't believe me that it was actually topless. I think MrNV was also intrigued by the whole 'topless' and 'cold' possibilities, but they were both disappointed. BWAHAHAHAH! But it really was topless, we asked the valet that helped us get to the room. He pointed it out to us, but was pretty certain we wouldn't see any excitement this time of year. Ach well :)

We were hanging out in front of Caesar's when these photos were taken. The tree was gorgeous, it constantly changed colors. I believe it was a fiber optic tree. Reds, blues, striped, multi-colored.. it was great. And MrNV chuckled at the Toni Braxton image on the hotel across from us.. it was hUgE!! And he asked me, "I wonder who is staying in the room right .. there." ... pointing to that place celebs like to bare when exiting cars... BWAHAH! Is kinda funny :)

The walk to our tower was a tour of over-priced shops. Seriously over-priced. We glanced in the window of one chocolate shop, and there was a chocolate dipped strawberry for around $12.00. That's just outrageous. But they had beautiful poinsettia displays, as usual. And this Oriental lion was outside one of the restaurants.

One of our favorite places, which we visited twice, would be the Star Trek Experience at the Hilton Hotel and Casino. The first day we had lunch, and different characters would wander through the restaurant. I'm not sure what type of alien the blue guy was, but he was really very cool. But my favorite was the Klingon, he was there both days. On the second day we went through the rides, there are 2, and you can ride them as many times as you like. So MrNV, Monkey and 3 others went through a few times, and I sat in the restaurant and enjoyed a drink. The Klingon walked through and glared at me, then poked at my purse with his wicked awesome blade thingy. It was funny, my purse for the trip was a red satin Santa purse with fuzzy stuff around the top. He sort of grunted, and I apologized for being so foofie :) And he walked off. With our lunch, the Monkey had a fruit juice drink with a chunk of dry ice in it to add excitement. I had a Long Island Iced Tea, but I'm not sure how they made it blue? They both smoked... it was fun. The girl stirring the brew is beautiful Beta's daughter. And there were really great replicas of the Enterprise hanging from the ceiling, and also of a War Bird. I believe it's called a War Bird? I love that they have a cloaking device. I need one. I bought a communicator pin.. I can now press it and it makes that super Star Trek sound.. and I think I can be beamed up? I'll let ya know.

The boy eating bugs at the MGM Grand.

We also watched the lions at the MGM Grand. That was beautiful. They were fast asleep laying on the glass, I couldn't resist taking a photo of their big paws. Woah!

Has anyone seen the Treasure Island (Oh, wait, now known as 'TI') show lately? Not sure where Treasure Island is going with this, but it's a bunch of hoochies dancing around on the ship. VERY corny. I'm not adverse to sexy, but it was totally corny. People around me were chuckling, it was almost embarrassing. They even took down the really cool Treasure Island sign with the skull and crossbones and replaced it with this huge ugly 'TI' sign. Really lame, I was sad.

We went to the Stratosphere on our last day in Vegas. I was very excited, I have always wanted to go to the top. However, my small brain forgot that I'm afraid of elevators. Stupid stupid girl. So, it didn't hit me until we were in it and we started our ascent. HELLO!!! I'M GOING UP TO THE 106TH FLOOR!! TIME TO PANIC!! Of course, gotta stay cool. Can't give the kid any new phobias. Once I was up there, I was OK and we joined Beta, her daughter, my father-in-law and his woman for lunch. The restaurant rotates, very cool. However, there is a huge steel girder, some sort of support thing.. and as it rotated closer to us I became more anxious. MrNV kept commenting that I was breaking out in hives. I couldn't even look the direction of the girder. So, that was lame. I'm lame. I know. And I then had to get back into the box of death to go back down to the main floor. I can't stand the fact that there is only a floor between and 106+ stories of screaming death. I've had nightmares about things like that. Hate it.

I know, it's a statue of David. But I thought it was funny. Monkey was not amused.

More photos at Caesar's.

Our flight home was delayed due to the snow in Colorado. There were other flights delayed, and we had to wait for them. My father-in-law was hanging out relaxing at the gate. I'm sure he needed it! We didn't see much of him the entire trip, he and his girlfriend were out dancing every night! My husband called one evening, Monkey and I had already turned in.. it was almost 2:00am! "You won't believe what I'm looking at?!?!"... "What???".... "I was walking by this really nice nightclub, it's like an old ship. I looked at the dance floor and there was a couple tearing up the dance floor and everyone was cheering them on. It was my DAD!!" AHAHAHAHAH! He rocks. He and his friend are awesome dancers, and even though it was a modern club they were still putting everyone to shame :) They were super partiers.

So, these are some of the photos. We had a lot of fun. Caught a magic show, Monkey loved it. And a few other things. We all had an excellent time. Oh, and is this the greatest gift bag???? AHAH!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Monkey Post..

Monkey has a new post. Click HERE.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holly Jolly Christmas

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We've been in crazy mode since returning from Vegas, I can't wait to post some photos. We had a great time. Today was a WONDERFUL Christmas! It's always great when family and friends get together. Of course, it is also an excuse for us to spoil the Monkey rotten. We are, indeed, bad parents.

He was very excited, this year was Nerf Dart Tag kinda year! A while back they had a sale if you purchase one of the larger kits, you would get a free gun. So Grumpa purchased the set, and got a free gun... we purchased the machine gun (it rocks!!) and got a free gun.. now he's armed and dangerous :) One of his friends came over this evening, and they had a great time testing them out.

A Monkey overwhelmed by gifts.

My brother and his woman dressed as Mr and Mrs Ho Ho, and this is also my bearded mother. We've tried everything, but can't get it to stop growing.

And his bearded Grumpa. Facial hair runs rampant in the family.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!