Thursday, March 27, 2008

Poety Monkey

Monkey gave me his journal today and wanted me to read his poem thingy about dancing :)

break dancing
curly hair
fancy cars
fancy glasses
fancy pants
fancy shirts
tapping shoes
tap... tap... tap

It made me laugh, so I had to share it :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dream log for Sirdar :)

OK, I hafta make a quick note so I don't forget, and will fill it all in tomorrow :)

broken sad toys that went into machine
King Midas
round concrete thingy that went into the ground
evil kid

Friday, March 21, 2008

Christmas came early :)

MrNV plays the piano. We have an upright, his father gave it to us some years ago when we lived in our apartment. He doesn't play as often as he should, but the other tenants always commented that they enjoyed hearing him. His father is a pianist, and he can play anything. Since he's in the biz, he knew a guy that knew a guy.. and he called us Wednesday night. He wanted to show MrNV a piano that he wanted to buy for us. These things usually turn out to be something he has to refurbish.. which is fine but it takes him forever. So MrNV crawled out of bed at 8am and went with his pa.. and returned with this amazing beast! It has a sad story, but will have an amazing future! A sweet little old 80 year old lady had purchased it for her husband, he was very sick. The doctor told her that it would help him during rehab to hear music. If you're gonna do something.. do it big I guess. She purchased this monster player grand piano for him in 98. Sadly he passed away recently and she is downsizing. This piano made her sad and she only wanted $500 for it to just go away. After seeing it, my jaw had to be removed from the floor. My husband is so happy, and it sounds so amazing! You put in a little disk of music, she included them, and the little keys go to town. And we didn't take advantage of the little lady, I promise. I guess she was very wealthy, and didn't want more for it at all. Maybe she was happy knowing it would have a new future.

I think I might take a photo of Monkey sitting at the piano and send it to her with a thank you note. Maybe it will make her smile.

Anyway. We'll have to reorganize our living room, but we'll make it all work out. Who knows, I might even learn to play now :)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My wee brain has deducted... I am a fleshy filter.

So my brain works in odd ways. It does the best it can with what it has to work with, you should be impressed :) But I don't understand the message about wasting water. My son brings home these little eco-friendly tree hugging brochures about not wasting water.. turn off water when you're brushing your teeth.. and all this. But at the same time, he did this big poster about 'The Water Cycle'. So my brain has been filtering all this new information.. and sent out an ERROR message. Based on this water cycle, water basically recycles itself.. no? If they wanted to send home brochures to quit polluting the water.. OK.. I can grasp that. But when I'm brushing my teeth and running gallons of fresh water down the sink hole thingy.. it is not wasted? To me wasted means.. you just can't do squat with it again. Like when I wipe with toilet paper? That paper is wasted.. know what I mean? Holy cow! But, when I flush that toilet all that water goes to a very smelly place.. and then is recycled back into somewhat tolerant water and dumped back into the Missouri river. It prances and swirls along in the river, only to be sucked up again later by another water processing station down the way.. where it will go through it all again. So on and so forth.. nothing wasted? So I thought, if I put a bucket of water on the back deck.. OK, maybe that is wasted cuz it's not doing anything and can't be used. But it's not true, because what happens to that water? Again, I reference the handy Water Cycle graphic.. it evaporates into the clouds. Clouds become full. Storms dump on your head.. and it all starts over again. And if I water my plants and grass? Still not wasted. For starters, we need healthy plants and vegetation to survive.. they like clean the air or oxygenate it or something. Don't have that handy graphic. But when they process water, they do that 'transpiration' thing (not noted on this graphic, sorry), where they release it like evaporation back into the clouds.. and again we're back to rain. So no matter where the water ends up, does it not all end up recycled in the end anyway? It's like a huge circle. Clouds... ground... my body... plumbing... rivers.. evaporation... clouds.... right? So am I not, in actuality, recycling water? If the water just sat in a pond would it not become stagnant and rancid without some sort filtration. I am a human filter.. and I just can't feel guilty about it anymore. And that is what my tiny brain has produced today. I am certainly a danger to the environment. Now go drink some water. And while doing so .. think to yourself... did Lorraine drink this first?!?! Yeah baby!!!
(I clicked enter here to create a new paragraph, but the program isn't working with me. Harumph)
Speaking of recycling. To all you mental midgets out there that put out that stupid blue recycling tub every Monday with the trash? You are seriously starting to piss me off. Do you understand that when you just lazily put things on the top and don't weigh them down, they are going to blow all over the neighborhood by morning? Monday's are bad enough, but to watch your pizza boxes, cans and various wrappers blowing around the neighborhood SERIOUSLY pisses me off. It is such a fucked up theory... Oh yes.. let's recycle. Who gives a flying shit if you're LITTERING UP MY BEAUTIFUL NEIGHBORHOOD in the process! Idiots. Why don't you cut down a tree and lay it on top so that your trash isn't in my yard tomorrow. I'd be SUPER grateful!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I think our dog would have destroyed the TV within minutes ;) Such a cute puppy!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Shit. I'm a soccer mom.

So 40 might not be so bad after all. I'm finally feeling tons better, and today was a beautiful day outside. Spring just really makes you feel 100% better! And I suppose when you're sick for weeks, and then finally you feel good.. you might feel like you did before you were sick but it just feels BETTER... so I feel like I have improved :) Um. Well, it makes sense to me.

I ran errands today, shipped murals and got shit done. Then as I was making calls for MrNV this evening regarding soccer practice.. it hit me.... I'm a soccer mom! Crap. Monkey Boy wanted to take a break from baseball and try soccer, because he loves to run. Does not love sitting on the bench. So we'll see how it goes.. I'm pretty excited. MrNV volunteered to be an assistant coach, and somehow ended up being head coach. Bad since he travels so much, but it all worked out and he has a co-coach :) Plus I'll be there, and yelling at kids is sort of my thing. I'm good at it. Can I cuss? That might become an issue. Plus it's co-ed, so that should be interesting. I am annoyed that I called all the parents, and 3 of them can't practice on Thursday nights due to multiple other classes their kids are in. ?!?! One is playing baseball and the other had jazz and then some other class followed. C'mon now. And baseball always eeks in Saturday games, so how will that not compete with soccer? And when do they do their homework and school projects??!! Sheesh. I tell ya. Those kids are gonna be burned out by the time they join the work force :) Oh well. Just my opinion I guess. Whatever happened to being a kid? Having fun and climbing trees?

While driving down the highway today my wee brain had a conversation with itself and wanted to know how my new glasses looked. So I took a picture, and I liked it :) I like the highway on my glasses. Nope, nobody out there... I'm so fast! But I love the little dragonflies on my sunglasses. They have little glittering stones :)

My dad was mad today. He bought a bag of fresh garlic cloves, and discovered it was from China. China? Seriously. You can't even get fresh garlic grown in the US? I don't even know where to shop or what to buy anymore.

I hope everyone is doing great. Off to continue trying to be productive :) Or, to play Puzzle Pirates! Hey, Dawg, Monkey Boy has his own sloop now :) I'm learning navigation and battle navigation. Battle navigation is kind of a drag as I never have loaded cannons. But, I win battles and get a bit of poe in the process :) Loading cannons is arse. Seriously. It should be banned and then destroy the program.