Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I'm related to idiots. My sister and her wanker husband send out one of those stupid letters every year with their Christmas card. I mainly only blame her husband for being the dick, because every year it's all about him or his family. Not sure why they bother sending copies to my sister's side of the family at all, because I just hop up and down every year. The whole first half of the letter is about how his dog died earlier this year. OK, fine, I would be sad too. However, her cat died and she was devastated. Oh, and nevermind that my grandmother died at the amazing age of 92. My sister was close to her. Ugh. Just wanted to document again today that my sister is lame and her husband is a dick.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Homeschool Snow Day :)

A friend of mine called me a bit ago to inform me that today was a snow day.. and that if I'm schoolin' my boy then it's ABUSE! :) I took this photo with my phone and sent it back to her and told her this is what a homeschool snow day looks like :)

I'm a meeeannnn one... I'm a Grinchhhhh....
At the time we were practicing the whole they're, their and there debacle. I like to spring that one on him randomly because he mixes them up. And a lot of people do! It's a huge annoyance to me when I'm subjected to these people online :) My son might be socially inept, but he will know when it's time for they're, their or there! Hooligans!
And please excuse the hideous wallpaper. I loathe it, but one room at a time :) And I bought a new front door mat yesterday, so the little non-slide thingy for under it is on the buffet, along with some bananas I bought yesterday. I'm a mess.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This was yesterday... it went down again today

Mr.NV showing off our current gas prices. Although this is at Sam's Club which is 5 cents cheaper than anyplace else. And why is there no cents sign on the keyboard? I've always wondered that. I would like one. And I would like it NOW.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mr. Badass :)

Alex performed in his first piano recital today. He thought he was too cool to take the music book up with him.. and actually had memorized the song. But.. stage fright set in and he boogered it :) But he still rocks and did great work.