Monday, April 30, 2007

Anyone good with da Horses??

So I'm going to my sister's annual Kentucky Derby party this year. I won in 2004 with Smarty Jones :) I picked him because I liked the photos of him.. no other reason. I don't even think he was big favorite. I bought him at auction for $80, my husband bought Lion Heart for $45 or something like that. Because we actually won 1st and 2nd place, we walked out of there with about $700!!! The following year I lost, but on accident. Had I known that Sting has a son named Giacomo, I would have bought that horse! But I didn't.. and I lost. I was tricked :)

So who is going to win this year? Anyone with any good ideas? This is the list of contenders:

  • Any Given Saturday
  • Bwana Bull
  • Circular Auay
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Cowtown Cat
  • Curlin
  • Dominican
  • Great Hunter
  • Hard Spun
  • Liquidity
  • Nobiz Like Shobiz
  • Sam P
  • Scat Daddy
  • Sedgefield
  • Slew's Tizzy
  • Storm in May
  • Stormello
  • Street Sense
  • Teuflesberg
  • Tiago
  • Xchanger
  • Zanjero
My brother has dibs on Scat Daddy, and that's fine. I think Curlin is the favorite? I like Storm in May because.. I just like storms in May and we chase tornadoes :) Teufelsberg sounds dangerous, as it means Devil's Mountain or something :) He's also a really beautiful horse! But I just don't know. I like to pick them if I like the way they look.. because I'm stupid like that.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Goofing with the Monkey

Monkey and I went out to eat yesterday, with Grandpa Crazy and one of the Aunties. We went to the restaurant where my brother works, it was fun. While eating, Monkey kept glaring at me.

"WHY do you keep giving me a dirty look?"
"I wish you would have worn a different shirt." .. scoff.. look of disgust...
"Why??" I glanced down, and the top button was undone. Not bra showing and everything out undone, just perhaps 1mm of cleavage.. and he was totally undone about it. I laughed, and buttoned it up.
"It's no wonder everyone is starting at you." .. and then he rolled his eyes...
My son is a prude!! Holy cow, how did that happen? He'll have me wearing turtlenecks by the end of the week!

We were goofing around with the camera the other evening before bed. He created his new Star Wars character... Darth Curlers :) Beware!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

What does it mean??

I was sitting here working, and some fluttering HERD of birds caught my eye. They were in my wanna-be vegetable garden.. with my sad grape vine and raspberry bush. Both violated by the late frost. But, to the point, there were about 10 yellow finches??? What does that mean? I'm sure if I called my Nana in England, she would tell me it was a sign of some kind. BUT WHAT SIGN?? I need to know.. so I know if it's good or bad. Should I leave the house at all?!? Is an airplane going to land on me? Holy cow!!

Mother's Day Came Early!!

On Rosie: It's TRUE!! Rosie is leaving The View! Yee-hahhh! I so hope that this doesn't mean that she's going to get her own show. I will be miserable! I will admit, and I am looking for a local support group, but I do watch the show just to see what senseless things she will come up with. Otherwise, I want nothing to do with the whole thing. I just can't stand people talking over other people. Unless it's ME, then everyone else needs to SHUT UP! I need my own show.. "Shut Up, Lorraine is talking!" AHAHA! I'm just so tired of her, "I'm Rosie and I'm perfect" act.. and if you don't agree with whatever she says then she hates you and yells at you. She can have her opinion, but you can't have yours. I just can't stand people like that. You can read the details on DListed.

On Squirrels: GirlNextDoor was upset the other day, the squirrel killer was taking out our little fuzzy rodents .. AGAIN. I know, I'm a big chicken shit. I never filed the official complaint with the Department of Conservation. But, there was an injured squirrel in her front yard, his little head was bleeding and he was cowering. So sad. So now I'm on a mission again. Do you think that sending him a nice letter asking him nicely to stop killing the squirrels work? I just think that maybe if I take the nice approach versus the YOU'RE A SQUIRREL KILLER JACKOFF approach that I've been feeling in my guts... it might work out better? And if I file the complaint, he may be fined. And I'd feel bad if it is a big fine. My only alternative is to order a crate of squirrels and have them delivered to his front yard.. to make my point. Or would that just give him more targets??? :)

On Cars: Have a really lame tiny compilation video of our trip. REALLY lame. But I'll post it later. And I have been borrowing my dad's TOASTER car this week.. mine is being detailed. It is a really cool place that takes out all of the seats, steam cleans everything, washes it from top to bottom.. engine.. carpets... everything. I'm so excited to see it! But this toaster is ANNOYING! I think people even giggle at us when we're cruising around in it! It's that Toyota Scion thingy. Looks like a box on wheels. It's dark blue. Kinda cute at first glance... if you're a Barbie.

HEROES rocked! I just KNEW that if they would pull the glass out of the emotion soaking brother's head, that he would come back to life! But I'm so sad that the cute artist is dead. Fuckin' Sylar. He's such a wanker :) And it's really bad that he can see the future now. Will anyone EVER stop him?? Why didn't the doctor dude that saved the emotion soaking brother remove his head from his body before leaving that room? I would not have hesitated, especially since he knows that jackass killed his papa!! Awe, and the cheerleader got to meet her politician daddy :) And her adopted daddy escaped the bad guys. Oh! And that shape-shifter bitch sent off the little electronic-wizard kid to be with the odd chef villain guy? Man, if I could only remember names :) We're just giddy the show is back. Oh, and the time travel stuff! KKeeWWll!!! And yes, I noticed that the emotion soaking brother no longer has the flippy hair. YAYYY! That was SO distracting!

On Cheryl Crow: And Cheryl Crow needs to shut it. Seriously. Come up with legitimate ideas on how to control waste, but 1 square? No fucking way. Not in this house. She's an idiot. And we don't need a 'cloth sleeve'. People have forgotten about cloth napkins? Maybe more restaurants should use cloth napkins versus paper if that is her issue. So that they can then wash the napkins after each use. Nevermind that it takes electricity and water to wash that napkin after each use. But it promotes jobs for those people that work at restaurant/hotel laundry facilities.. so they can drive their gas guzzling cars to work every day. You can't just demand, 'This is the answer!' without researching the effect of your idea. Just like electric cars, they require electricity. Isn't the electricity always going out in Cali from over use or something in the summer? There are solutions. My obsession has always been THIS ONE. I still have the Discover magazine this story came out in, because it's fascinating. This summer we're going to drive to the plant doing the research. But why don't I hear more people talking about it? It just really makes no sense to me. Why doesn't Cheryl start promoting this? A viable alternative to oil.. versus getting high on her bus and coming up with solutions on how to wipe my arse? Speaking of which, did you know she has 3 tractor trailers, 4 busses and 6 cars in her concert tour caravan?? Why aren't they pulling wagons with horses??


...but not the good kind. Err, I mean the bad kind :) Finally went to see el doctor yesterday to see why I'm dying. I don't think he knows either, but has prescribed me a whole pile of pills. One I have to take 6 times daily, and MrNV says not at once. He sucks. So I have to like REMEMBER to take them every 4 hours or something like that. I'm doing the best I can. But I do feel better. I didn't cough all night, and that is a HUGE deal! Talk about CRANKY when I don't get enough sleep! And I think I'll be able to stay off of the couch today. Yay!

COOL! Even better, they just said on the news that Rosie is going to wrap up her time at The View?!?! SERIOUSLY!?? I heard about her "speech" at some engagement the other evening for prominent women? All of these accomplished women in the crowd, and she was up there dropping the f-bomb left and right regarding Donald Trump. She's just so incredibly tacky. It's not a comedy stand-up where people are paying to see her.. they're there for an elegant event to show respect to brilliant women. I would have been embarrassed. I'm embarrassed enough that she's even on TV. I'll be so glad when she's gone!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I wonder sometimes..

I think my husband is insane. I just asked him:

Me: "Do you know what I want for Mother's Day?"
Freak: "A particle accelerator?"
Me: ...sigh...
Freak: "A large hadron collider?"

I will suffocate him in his sleep. I really will. I just wanted morel mushrooms. He's still talking as I type this, as if I understand whatever it is he is talking about. I hear 'theory'... 'dark matter'... bla bla.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

AHAHHA! Where's My MONEY???

SBS put this on her blog, and I cracked up! Just me being a COPY CAT again! AHAHAHAH! Will Ferrell is insane and that little girl!!! I want to adopt her!! It's me... but smaller! There is a more clear version at

Havin' a bad day?

If you're having a bad day, just open this photo and imagine you're there! I took this photo in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It was the cabana next to ours.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Music MeMe

I thought I did this a long time ago, but can't find it. Cuz .. well .. I'm not too bright. But TenseTeacher did a similar one, and I thought I'd do this one again. It's funny to do.

Put your music player on shuffle.
Press forward for each question.
Use the song title as the answer to the question.
No cheating!

I'm using my favorite playlist, there are about 180 songs in it. If I use my main library.. it could get TOO strange :)

How do I feel today?
"Dancing Machine" - The Jackson 5

How do my friends see me?
"Forgiven not Forgotten" - The Corrs
That's kinda funny. It's good to know they forgive me for my many flaws :)

When will I get married?
"I Would Die 4 U" - Prince
I'm already married? I guess the song is appropriate then :)

What is my best friend's theme song:
"Dance, Dance" - Fall Out Boy
Well, I can only associate this with GirlNextDoor.. she is always dancing, and it's funny. Just yesterday she was demonstrating her smooth moves to 'Ice Ice Baby'.. or whatever that song is :) She's so goofy... but a great dancer!

What is the best thing about me?
"Baby Got Back" - Sir Mix-a-Lot
OK, seriously, I wanted to click FF and cheat. I was finishing the previous answer when this one came on. And I thought, "Shit, what is the question?". Seriously, this is wrong on so many levels.

How is today going to be?
"La La" - Ashlee Simpson
Usually MrNV does make me want to scream.. so true. But I think this is meant more in a naughty way. Ruh-roh.

What is in store for this weekend?
"Our House" - Madness
Great. Now I have to Spring Clean.

What song will they play at my funeral?
"Hung Up" - Madonna
I sure hope not!

How can I make myself happy?
"Little Wing" - Sting
OK, anything Sting makes me happy.

How will I be remembered?
"Fragile" - Sting
Oh, C'MON!!! I am NOT! I'm gonna cry now! :)

What type of men/women do you like?
"New World Man" - Rush
That's awesome! He is! He's fuckin' nuts, and DOES want to run a big machine!

Girls are so...
"Fix You" - Coldplay
We are, aren't we? Perfect.

I usually feel this way:
"Breakfast in America" - Supertramp
I'm a winner... I'm a sinner... Do you want my autograph?? :)

My priority in life:
"Me So Horny" - 2 Live Crew
OK, this is insane! AHAHAH! I was scrolling down to the question and heard the beginning to the song, the people talking. AHAHAH! NO!!!!!!!!!! But you know you love this song! Admit it!! I can't FF yet to the next question... jamminnnnn

Life goal:
"Thriller" - Michael Jackson
Well, we do chase storms. I think my husband is more of the thrill seeker.. I'm just along for the ride :)

People need to...
"September" - Earth, Wind & Fire
I don't see the correlation, but good song! OK, if I look at it in a poet-y way then I guess it could mean people need to reflect more? Remember the good times :)

I usually think about...
Lordy. I don't want to hit FF.
"Everybody Wants to Rule The World" - Tears for Fears
...whew.... But it's true!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thank you GirlNextDoor :)

Lastnight Familia d'GirlNextDoor took in Monkey. She is GMan's momma, so they got to have a sleep over. Turns out Monkey is a cuddler :) AHAHHA. Poor GMan. But I already knew. If Monkey sleeps in our room, I always find arms and legs everywhere. So we went to see 'The Reaping'. And I hate scary movies, so that I am even the one that recommended the movie is a surprise :) But I felt that since Hilary Swank was in it, that it had-ta be good? And it had a Bible reference, and the plagues and all that. I thought it would be like 'The Seventh Sign'. And although I did like the twist at the end, the movie was TOO MTV. The shaking of the camera, and darting from spot to spot. I think what saved me through the creepy parts is that the little girl playing the creepy character was the same girl that DIES in 'The Bridge to Tarabitihia'. She was adorable in that movie, so it was hard for me to imagine her as the reincarnation of SATAN! Anyway, it wasn't bad. We then hit our local casino.. and played some rou-lette. Yeahhhh! And we WON! Although I expect nothing less from MrNV. They have a touch screen game here, versus laying out the chips. It was neat, I had never played that way before. We got to sit next to each other and we had a lot of fun. Some guy sat next to MrNV and tried to teach him the 'correct system' of playing. Which was hilarious, MrNV was totally pretending to care. And if you know MrNV, for someone to sit next to him and tell him how to play is QUITE amusing. Drunks. DRUNKS DRUNKS! Oh, holy cow! There were 20-something girls across from us. LOUD and DRUNK. It was entertaining to a point, but sort of sad and old after a while. They were very cute, but the language even shocked me. And I don't shock easily! One girl yelling things to her friend about what she 'does' that sounded more porn tape appropriate. Even the dealer-dude was blushing :) He kept coming to our side for protection :)

Anyway, it was a great night out! We went to see the last movie showing, and ended up home at 5:10am! I forget what it's like to be out so late. It was way fun :) Thank you GirlNextDoor!!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


I still haven't touched the vacation photos yet. I will. When I feel like it :) But these photos sum up our time since returning. My brother felt he wanted to build Monkey a kick-ass little fort outside our back fence. It's very cool. We agree it is the only fort with marble tile floors :) There is a reason for that.. and they're actually scrap tile. But it's secret :) He did a great job, I need to take updated photos. The kids have since painted it camo, and the inside is very cool. Keyboards, and even speakers to plug the mp3 player into. It is a work in progress, but the kids like it. I'm happy because I can see it from my office window. I'll be sure to put it on the webcam once they go back out to play.. since it's so COLD! The tree photo I took from my office window. However, the little purple buds are now dead and there are no leaves trying to bloom since the FROST nabbed them. If my lilac bush doesn't bloom I'm going to become violent.

Monkey also went to a sock hop at the school, we invited his buddy crazy G. They had fun. Monkey went as the rebel without a clue, and I think Gman was going for the um.. studious look? :)

For Easter we hid 200 eggs with our neighbors. They were spread over 4 lawns, and we invited other children from the neighborhood. Monkey has a lot of fun, and they all ended up in the fort at the end scarfing their candy down. They were like little crazed monsters in there.. candy wrapper mayhem. 188 of the eggs were numbered, and we had a drawing. If you had that egg.. you won a prize. We made sure everyone won at least one. However, I didn't win, and I think that's crap. I will issue a complaint immediately. MrNV went walking up the hill and mentioned he knew where some of the missed eggs were, and the crazed children chased him. I feared for his life.. but then remembered he has life insurance. Whew :)

I don't get it.

I have never understood the movie 'Pretty Woman'. Why is she so offended by the Richard Gere character offering to put her up in a nice place with an allowance and all that? If she is a prostitute? Because her option is...?? Go back to the streets? They seemed amicable, why couldn't she just at least try it out? If she has intentions on tricking him into marrying her, it at least keeps him around. Right? I don't know. I've never really liked the movie. It was on today, so I watched parts of it. And I wondered what happened to Julia. She didn't even get old, really. She just looks strange now. Her nose is so much smaller and pointed than it was in this movie. In 'Ocean's 12' she looked a mess. In my humble opinion :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

Things I've been thinking..

My brain has been pretty random lately. These are some of the things I have had bouncing around;

I'm glad my brother is living with us. I at least feel like I can try to help him not slip into whatever depression that causes him to drink. I'm sad he doesn't have insurance yet, and that I can't afford to take him to a therapist. I wish I could get him the medications he needs in order to be stable.

My dog Tara is a shitheel. Adrian spent 2 nights with his girlfriend.. he's still in Lorraine's bootcamp :) And he made an amazing quiche, and left it outside my front door in a basket as a surprise yesterday morning. Bitch Tara ate it before I even knew it was there. And I mean a really AMAZING quiche with exotic cheeses and such. He always makes amazing things.. because he can. She's still in trouble.

I giggled at K-Mart while looking for an Easter basket for Monkey. He loves the cheezy ones with all the pre-packaged cheap toys. One of the ladies was trying to reach a basket on the top shelf and kept jumping to knock it down. Usually I help these wee people, but I didn't notice what was going on quickly enough. I was about 4 baskets down, rummaging through the same shelf.. reaching 2 baskets back. And it made me chuckle. I love being 5'9". Not that it is an amazing height. But I would be angry if I couldn't reach things.

I need to iron. Seriously. I just need to get it done.

My sister bought me the largest orchid I have ever seen, it's gorgeous. And I love it. But I know I'm going to kill it.. and I'm annoyed. I'll have to post a photo before I do! Usually I buy the small ones for $25 for my desk, and they last a while. But she bought this one at Sam's Club.. for $25!! And it's practically a tree!! Big beautiful buds! But she gave the bitch sister the peach colored one. Bitches :) But I love it.

My neighbor, GirlNextDoor, is awesome. And I'm so lucky to have her as a friend and neighbor. And my brother is lucky that she and her husband saved his life. I'm not sure what I will have to do in order to keep them from moving, but the ball will go into action once they decide to do it. I can't wait to horrify the people that come to view the house :) I'll probably need help with ideas if it comes down to it! I already have her kids trained to cry if she mentions selling the house. Her son said he'll never play outside again :) AHAHAH! Reminds me, I need to do some brush-up courses with them.

I had offered to let my father live in our spare room, and looked forward to it. Until a few weeks ago Monkey accidentally shot him in the eye with a nerf dart. And his WAY crazy hot temper and unstable anger kicked in. And it really freaked me out. Reminded me of why I used to be afraid of him, and I felt sort of sick. I'm so glad I'm an adult now, because I gave him an ass chewing last week over it. And he actually apologized to Monkey. It really upset Monkey and he was very clingy the rest of the day.. when he shot grandpa. I'm impressed that he sincerely apologized, but I'm still very insecure about him staying here. We're going to do a trial period.

The bunny's eye is doing great now. I don't know that he has complete vision in it, I can't quite tell if the pupil dilates normally or not. And I'm afraid to put him outside in the sun now, for fear it's hurting him somehow??

Speaking of sun, they're forecasting 2-4 inches of snow tonight? WTF?

I don't believe in global warming, and I'm afraid to talk about it for fear of being yelled at. I think it's the Rosie O'Donnell factor. People that believe in things so strongly, just yell at you and refuse to even hear your opinion. They frighten me. But if you study the history of the planet, and not just the history of your own lifetime...

My father-in-law bitched at me again yesterday for not attending church on Easter. Last Easter we went, and the entire time we were lectured about how you can't just attend church once a year and think you're being a good Christian. I think he promotes my defiance about going to church. He used to tell me, "Only real women go to church". I wanted to kick him in the head. I told my father he said that, and he told me to tell him to fuck off :) My dad is so wise :) AHAHA! I just don't know that people really listen to what they're hearing? An old friend of mine is very very into her church. But she is also very materialistic, and that makes me crazy. I don't talk to her often, but when I do she just wants to talk about our business and how much money we are/aren't making. She lies, yet claims she doesn't. Long story, she's just hateful and not Christian. Yet, when she worked for us, there were signs on her desk "WWJD" and all that. And I just don't understand it. My mother always told us you can be a good Christian and you don't have to attend church.. and I'm all about that. Or I'd like to find a tiny small little church somewhere. I think I'm afraid of the BIGNESS of it all. I guess. It really disturbs me and I'm conflicted over it. I think it's a personal thing, no?

My father is a racist. My father-in-law is a racist. My husband and I aren't. At all. And it really bothers me. My father, on Easter, was blabbing 'jew' this and 'jew' that. He was almost killed by Nazi's as a youth, yet feels he sides with them. It makes me ill when he jokes about it, like it's funny. Then he gets mad at me if I tell him to stop talking about it, because he's acting like an idiot. And I don't want Monkey to ever pick up on that sort of talk. But my father-in-law, he's worse. He feels he's superior to everyone... Italians, Jewish, Mexican.. whatever. And they're both closet racists. I hate it. My husband and I argue, a friend of his is Jewish. And he'll use the term 'Jew' when discussing him.. because he's very into his religion. Saturday's are odd, because he won't use anything to do with technology.. and such. It makes us giggle, but not in a bad way. I just know I couldn't survive! But I always think the term 'Jew' is disrespectful. I have to say someone is Jewish.. so we have long drawn out discussions on it :) I guess it's the way you say it. Like calling someone named Richard.. 'Dick'. I couldn't do that, either. I have worked for 2 men that went by 'Dick', and always had to call them Because what if you accidentally added sarcasm????

My office is chaos. Sometimes it's hard to know where to start. I watch those awesome shows like 'Mission Organization' and any sort of decorating show where they take chaos .. and turn it into beauty. And I know I just can't accomplish that. It's almost to the point that I'm just so put off by it, I just don't even want to start. And my husband! He won't get rid of things. Everyone thinks I'm the collector of stuff.. but HE is! However, now that he travels, things are vanishing. And he doesn't even notice! Or I just lie about it's location.. and he forgets. BWAHAHAHHA! Shhhhh!!

I can't ever remember to pay my home association dues. It's just impossible. I'm adding it to my planner RIGHT NOW!!

AnniE is AwesomE! Really :)

I like slivered almonds, but not whole almonds. Why? I like dry roasted peanuts, but not the other kind. They're like mushy vs not mushy. I love cashews. Not macadamia nuts or pecans. And I love cheese. Cheese of all kinds. I currently have about 6 exotic cheeses in my fridge. I'm going to invite GirlNextDoor down for some Brie. She doesn't think she's had it, and was confused by the whole 'mold' thing. YES, you eat it! It's a cultured mold, not growing in your fridge and nasty mold :)

I have a giant pair of bright pink, orange and yellow foam platform sandals. I purchased them at Payless, and wear them around the house. I'm guessing they make me 6' :) I love wearing them! But won't wear them in public, they're too freaky. I'll post a photo :) I need mental help.

Beta still isn't talking to me. Because I'm an opinionated hag. I'm surprised I have any friends at all :) But can't I express how I feel about things sometimes? Why can't someone just respond with their version of what's going on.. not just get defensive and give up? Doesn't that sort of make you right if the other person doesn't defend themselves? What is that expression... silence means you agree or something?

I think the character Kirby, written about by RockDog, is sort of a weenie. AHAHAHHA! I heard that song 'Angel in the Centerfold' today and thought of Kirby. Too much of a weenie to do anything other than admire her photo :) AHAHAH!

Rosie O'Donnell is obnoxious. I used to love her when she had her own show. She did so many great things for people in need. And she seemed, at the time, to have a sense of humor and a caring nature. But now she's just angry and pissed off all the time. And unless you agree with her 100%, she just screams and yells at you. And I hate people like that. She acts so above everyone else, yet spews the same things she degrades others for. Like last December when she mocked people in China, "Ching-chong ching-chong".. and why wasn't she fired?? I just don't like her. She's angry.

My brother met Martina McBride yesterday, she had lunch at his restaurant. And she gave him tickets to her show lastnight. He went with his girlfriend, and they had an awesome time. Reminds me of the time he met Sheila-E when she toured with Prince. She offered him tickets to the show, and he asked if he could get 2 tickets to the Kansas City show instead. And gave them to me. And they cancelled the show..... :(

My new couch arrived last week, and I'm much happier now. Since the other one was under warranty, it was cleaned. But it just made me angry, and I didn't want to go into my living room. So when the furniture guys brought the new one, they put the old one out front. I giggled at the people that slowed down as they passed. I was waiting for someone to steal it :) But it found a good home.. for now :) Unless they decide they hate it too.. which I would completely understand. But I really did confuse the furniture guys when they arrived. haha! And I know, I need a new roof. Getting one when it gets warmer!!

I need to post photos from Easter and our Vacation. I'll probably just put them into Flickr if anyone wants to check them out. Maybe this weekend.

Well, I'm done with my random thoughts. It's nice to get them all out, maybe now I can focus. If I get my idiot-ness out things just function better :) Now to put on my ugly foamy platform sandals and get some work done! AHAHAH!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

AwesomE AnniE!!

I never knew mail could be so much fun! Or that my blogger buddy AnniE was just so doggone cool! Monkey had a project where they had to mail a paper self to someone out of state.. in order to get information back regarding other states. My family lives in MO, my friends live in MO, the rest of my family live in Europe. I have some friends in Texas, but they're sort of self-absorbed and I didn't feel comfortable asking them. The deadline for an address hit, and so I sorta volunteered AnniE!! I sent her an apology e, and she was so wonderful about it. And has gone way beyond what was needed. From what I understand, they want maybe photos of the paper-Alex which was included... taken at different locations? And information about the area AnniE lives in. But she sent us this whole treasure chest of AWESOME things! Monkey was so excited, and will be taking them to school to share during his presentation in May. She included a note which explained why each item was special to her area, or Michigan in general. All of the items are produced in Michigan. It was so much fun to read! I guess I better start saving now for the University of Michigan tuition :)

Thank you AnniE! You are the most awesomest!! XOXOXOXOXO

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I had to chuckle when I came across this :) Do you know what it is? Well, OK, it's a dirty little mushroom :) But the curve on it made me laugh. I thought it looked like butt cheeks.. MrNV then decided to tape it to a doll to make his point, "NO! It looks like breast implants!" Men :)

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Bad Easter Bunny

Well, because Dawg posted it I had to. SO funny :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Odd question..

I'm finally coming around. Not being QUITE so cranky. The old couch left today, and entered the new sparkly couch. I'm much happier. But not quite pleased with the results. I'm trying :)

But I have a strange question. While in Alabama I fell. I'm clumsy anyway, but have been doing much better. But there was a stupid small flower pot, and I didn't notice it. I turned to start walking and my foot got caught on it. When I fell, I completely landed on my left knee. Not foot and knee and hands, just all 1,450 pounds of me on my left knee. I thought I was dying... seems I lived. So I laid there whining for a bit, and then realized my bones were not broken. And actually, to walk, my knee and all the muscles are doing just fine. No pain. However, the surface of my leg is numb? And only on the patch just below the knee.. where the calf muscle begins. If I bump the leg, it's extreme pain and I want to cry. But to run my hand along that area, nada. Like I have been injected with something for surgery to numb the area? And even when I feel an itch, if I scratch it I don't feel it. I feel pressure.. that's it. Has anyone ever experienced that before? I'm thinking I have damaged the nerves or something. And there is hardly a bruise, which is not normal for me either. I bruise if you look at me harshly. So I'm just a little weirded out. Not freaked out, as my leg feels just fine otherwise. Just a little peculiar.